Non-Cricketing Sports in India Need More Coverage

By Dhanu Delphi on March 15, 2013

FICCI logoIn India, cricket is certainly the sport that gets the most coverage and is considered a favorite sport. At the annual convention of the Media and Entertainment industry (M&E), there was a discussion that was titled ‘Sports: Economic Viability and the crisis within.’ This convention was organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the discussion took place at the 14th edition of Ficci Frames 2013 on the third day of the convention.

Venu Nair, the head of the South Asia of World Sport Group noted that there needs to be more effort put into helping other non-cricket sports to grow in India. He noted that this should be done without copying the Indian Premier League (IPL) model that is often emulated, and is not necessarily effective for other sports.

Nair explained his point by noting: “Every other day, you see an IPL-styled league with just a new logo pasted on it. IPL became the success that it is because there was a thriving eco-system in place before it launched. Other sports won’t taste success by just emulating the IPL model.”

An All India Football Federation (AIFF) representative, Kushal Das, noted that one way to improve an existing sport, Indian football, is to take steps to help the sport get to a level where it would be on a par with other international football teams.

Das said: “The problem with Indian football is not so much cricket as it is football itself. Today, football fans have access to the best of football leagues whether it is EPL, La Liga or Bundesliga.” He explained: “When you compare Indian football with these top leagues we don’t match up.”

He further noted that one of the reasons that Indian football has had some problems is because there are not enough talented players and the infrastructure of the sport is badly set up.