Offshore Casinos from Mandovi to Zuari

The Mandovi River is host to a number of offshore Goa casinos. Casino Caravela has moved itself out of the Mandovi, and will most likely relocated to the Zuari River. Some though that the offshore casino may have been headed to the Sal River, but some years ago, in 2007, the local people drove off an offshore casino that was operating from the Sal.

The Casino Caravela is a six storey casino that is operated by Delta Corp. It has been reported that Delta Corp plans to move the floating casino further south. The exact location, however, has been kept a secret.

Although there has been no definite indication as to the reason for pulling the Caravela out of the Mandovi and relocating it, it seems that the decision is a business decision. Sources in the industry have noted: “With two huge casinos like the Horseshoe and Royale doing business in the Mandovi, it makes sense to spread business interests. The Caravela could be headed to the Zuari or the Sal Rivers.”

Caravela is India’s first offshore casino, and it was recently purchased by Delta Corp. The casino was purchased from Advani Hotels and Resorts in India. For now, the floating casino is on its way to a shipyard that is located in the Zuari.

Although the casino’s new location has not been shared, sources have said: “The ship is being refurbished. The casino section of the ship has been currently taken apart. The Caravela was pulled out of the Mandovi and won’t return there.”

While there is much speculation regarding the new location, it is not clear that a definite location has yet been chosen. While this decision is being made, the casino is being refurbished, and will be ready to go when a final location has been decided between Delta Corp and the Goa authorities.