Updated: May 09, 2016
Author: SportsBetting Team

Best Olympic Betting Sites

Betting pools are not on the web. This question gets a lot. All of the fantasy betting pools are focused on the major events like NBA, Hockey, MLB and Football. Therefore, if you want to bet on the Olympics it has to be non-pool bets. My favorite are the sites below.

If you are looking for great sports betting throughout the year and major event such as through the eventful Olympic Games, then you should not forget about going through our recommended Olympic betting sites. With the 2012 London Olympics, websites were adding these wagers quickly, and you will find that the Olympics have suddenly popped up on the homepages of several sportsbooks (or soon to come). This means that you are on your way to winning extra money this summer on punts such as the country with the most gold medals, most medals overall, individual events, and entertainment bets.
Olympic Betting Sites

Top Olympic Betting Sites




Year Round Olympic Betting

Believe it or not, some Olympic betting sites are active year-round and do not solely focus on the in-progress games. In fact, there are a variety of elimination rounds and prep races that help to form the Olympic team in each country. There are also changes that happen in the International Olympic Committee offices that punters find to be great wagering options. This allows Olympic betting sites to operate 365 days a year.

Overview of Olympic Betting

Out of 302 events, you will have some Olympic betting sites focusing on the most popular ones. This means that they may not offer all of the 302 events individually for sports bets. Instead, there is a dominant lean towards having three separate areas. One is for entertainment bets, another is for the gold medals, and the final one is for the most popular athletic events at the Olympics. For example, they may only offer particular football matches. The main point you can count on is that televised games will be popular with Olympic betting sites in the UK, India, and everywhere else really.

Betting on Gold Medals

At a punting website for total gold medals, you will see several indicators that let you know when to start placing the bet. Right now, you will see bets similar to who will have more medals between say India vs. UK or other countries most likely too. Later on, and closer to the date, you will be more likely to see a total list of countries, where you will be able to outright choose your country instead of having to punt between two. Currently, most Olympic betting sites are open for bets, with some of them covering total gold medals to be won.

Fast-paced in-play action will be a big part of the 2012 Summer Olympics betting. For individual matches between countries, there are a lot of yes or no bets. This includes “Usain Bolt to win 100M Gold?” There are also specific bets where you choose the athlete. For example, with the Road Race cycling event, you choose the winner by name; these of course are just a few examples of the many available Olympic bets.

Olympic Entertainment Bets

If you are not good at figuring out the winners of Olympic events, you can bet on entertainment wagers. This means that you are looking at the Olympic Games– program more than the athletic events. A popular bet is, “Who will light the Olympic flame?” which as you can imagine is more of a pre-Olympic betting option as oppose to during.

If you are new to online betting, you may not be aware that websites throughout the world are focused on the international punter. Whether you are in India, the US, or any other country, like other countries, you only need to set up a free betting account. Using your mobile or a laptop, you only need a few minutes in order to make your first bet. However, if you have any troubles, you will regret waiting until the last minute. For this reason, be sure to set up your account in advance and try a few practice punts just in case.

Shopping Carefully for Promo Codes

One of the facts about online Olympic betting sites is that they are in fierce competition with one another. This means that the customer has their pick of the best promo codes and bonuses. Most of these are emailed to punters when they sign up for a new account. With that said, you will be able to see several promotions and bonuses being offered by each site, and we have taken the liberty to research the best options and offers for Indian residents, for you to choose from so you can save some time from shopping around; these include sites such as www.bet365.com with up to RS 2500 free, and www.betfair.com.

Advantages of Live Olympic Broadcasts

Since the 2008 Olympic Games, the types of punts available at Olympic betting sites have surged. With this, the style of punts called “in-play” have become popular. While you can bet in advance for gold medals, during the televised matches, you will find a variety of punts pop up on the website where you are a customer. During this time, you can be exposed to hourly or daily bonus codes just for placing a bet. A common offer is the free bet up to £25.

Olympic Betting Bonus Codes

To draw attention to the special section on the 2012 London Olympics, betting sites will be likely to ask you to bring your friends. This helps increase the betting pool on every website and also ensures that you can enjoy all the thrills with people around you. Once your friend starts betting, bonuses and money are also added to your account.

You can use this extra money to place more bets, which a main advantage of online sites since they will take a lower fee on every punt compared to bet shops. This means that more of the winnings are yours to keep, in addition to the bonuses provided for you too.