Ongoing Investigation into Death of Student at Goa Offshore Casino

The circumstances surrounding the death of the 19-year-old student from Hyderabad on the Goan offshore casino boat are still under investigation. Saidanush Reddy, the student that fell off the side of the boat, was studying civil engineering. He is thought to have drowned after falling into the Mandovi River from the Casino Carnival offshore casino. Saidanush was there with his brother and two friends.

After the incident, there have been renewed protests against the Goan casinos. The National Student Union of India has made it clear that they believe that the casinos should be closed and that their operations should be stopped immediately.

Hasiba Amin, the National Student Union of India’s state president, said: “A youth has fallen off a casino and died. Casinos are doing nothing but hard to our society. When is this going to end? Our government needs to put our social safety before money and revenue.”

During the investigation that the police have been carrying out, it seem clear that Saidanush had gone into a restricted area of the casino boat that was clearly marked as such. Casino security staff had apparently told the deceased and his brother and two friends that they needed to leave the restricted area and return to the casino. When they went to get them to leave, Saidanush seemed to have lost balance and fell into the river. His brother had jumped in to save him, but could not find him, and the casino staff jumped in and saved his brother.

At this time, there are suspicions of foul play, and police are continuing the investigation. The casino says it has CCTV footage of the time leading up to the accident. The vessel that houses Casino Carnival is also being checked to ensure that it complies with the appropriate safety measures.