Outcry Over Lord Shiva Slot Game

By Dhanu Delphi on December 19, 2014

Shiva SlotThere has been a large outcry from the Hindu community regarding the use of Lord Shiva in a slot game. The Lord Shiva-themed video slot has come under fire not only by some in the Hindu communities in India and around the world, but also from other religious leaders. It is considered inappropriate to use a religion’s god in a gambling game.

The slot game depicts Lord Shiva with his four arms carrying a damru. The blue-skinned deity is one of the main symbols used in the slot. Other symbols include the Taj Mahal, monkeys, cobras, and other well-known Indian symbols. The slot is a five reel slot that comes with 50 paylines.

The slogan that is shown with the game is “Step into the realm of the god Shiva and experience an exciting adventure!”

The company has been urged to remove the slot game and make a public apology for offering it to the public. The president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, requested that the apology be made and that the removal of the game should take place with immediate effect. He directed his comments towards the Gauselmann AG chairman, Paul Gauselmann.

The slot game has the title “Shiva” and was developed by the Gauselmann Group’s Merkur Division of Espelkamp. The gaming company has its headquarters based in Germany.

Other religious leaders that have asked that the slot be removed and apologies made include those from both Christian and Jewish, and Buddhist sources.

Reverend Richard L. Smith said: “I support the protests of Hindus who are offended by the name and image of the god Shiva being used to promote gaming machines. As I recall, it was the Roman soldiers who cast lots for Jesus’ clothing, so I would be likewise offended if his name were to be attached to such a product. I urge the Gauselmann company to find another, more respectful approach.”