Pakistan and India Meet in Twenty20 Matches

The Pakistan cricket team beat the Indian team in the first T20 match that took place in Bangalore on Tuesday this week. Pakistan beat the Indian host team by five wickets.

The second match that is taking place in Ahmedabad today has shown the India team coming out in strength. India was up to bat first and ended on 192/5 in 20 overs. Yuvraj Singh has played an excellent game and hit three consecutive sixes. He completed his fifty runs by hitting these three consecutive sixes. There has been much excitement from the Indian fans. Singh ended on 72 runs in what is most likely a must-win Twenty20 match. MS Dhoni provided 32 runs and Umar Gul provided 4 for 37.

The fact that India and Pakistan are playing cricket against each other on India’s home ground is a big deal, since the two countries may both share a love for cricket, however the political differences have caused a rather large rift. This is the first series that is being played since 2008, when cordial relations were destroyed after the Mumbai terror attacks took place, having been perpetrated by Pakistani nationals.

The current more friendly relations as far as cricket goes shows that the two countries are trying to heal a rift. This would not be the first time that India and Pakistan have played cricket matches at the same time that political leaders have met with each other in both official and non-official capacities.

A TV sports show host from Pakistan, Aamer Naseer has noted: “Politically, cricket has always been there to break the ice.”

Not only have those in India and Pakistan been wanting to test their skills against each other, the cricket community around the world has been needing an India-Pakistan test series. No matter who wins or loses over these five Twenty20 test cricket matches, there will be a sure winner for cricket diplomacy and mending fences.