Panel Backs Legalized Sports Betting in India

betting sites .inThere are many who are for legalized sports betting in India, and many against it. There are a number of concerns that legalizing sports betting could have a negative effect on match fixing and other corruption in sports. Those who support sports betting have noted that betting currently takes place illegally, and it should be formalized and legalized.

The Supreme Court of India had appointed a panel to look into the issues and make a recommendation regarding the legalization of sports betting in India. After much consideration and looking at the issues, the panel has recommended that India should consider the legalization of sports betting.

The former chief justice, Rajendra Mal Lodha, headed up the panel that looked into the question regarding legalizing sports betting. The panel, consisting of three people, was set up to look into the corruption scandals that were coming out of the national governing body for cricket, the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The panel investigated alleged match fixing, spot fixing, charges of corruption, and suspicious umpires during the Indian Premier League Twenty20 tournament.

Lodha stated: “We have suggested to the legislature for legalizing betting.”

He further noted that although legalization should take place, organizations such as the Board of Control for Cricket in India need to have a mechanism created whereby players and administrators are not able to place bets on matches.

The panel noted that while cricket will certainly benefit from the legalization of sports betting, other sports in India would also benefit, as would the entire country’s economy.

Since sports betting currently takes place illegally, it makes sense that the Indian government would choose to legalize and regulate the sports betting industry, creating additional funds for the country, a portion of which can be allocated towards the sports ministry.