Policemen Caught in Gambling Raid

By Dhanu Delphi on October 10, 2013

On Wednesday, a gambling raid took place in which six policemen were arrested. There were 10 people who were booked in the gambling raid that took place in a hotel in the Mill Corner location.

The gambling raid was planned after there was a tip off that not only was there illegal gambling going on, but that there were also policemen involved in the illegal gambling. Inspector Rameshwar Thorat led the special crime branch team that conducted the raid.

At the time that the raid took place there were eight men that were immediately arrested. There had been 10 people gambling in the hotel, and the other two were later arrested too. The two gamblers, who had managed to quietly flee the scene, were a police constable and a police naik.

The two policemen that had tried to slip away had managed to do so when there was a power failure during the time of the raid. The two policemen later on went to their police stations, assuming that they had managed to avoid being arrested. The two illegal gambling policemen were constable Lalkhan Jafarkhan Pathan, and Naik Qaisar Fatru Shaikh.

Out of the 10 people that were arrested in total, two were the policemen who slipped away, and one of those who was arrested is the gambling den’s manager. Before the raid took place, there had been some concern that the raid would be leaked to some of the policemen who were gambling illegally.

For this reason, Somnath Gharge, the Deputy police commissioner, said: “Since police personnel were involved, we took enough precaution so that information about the raid would not be leaked.”

He further commented that “It is disturbing to find that these personnel were found indulging in such an activity in a place situated so close to the police commissioner’s office.”

It seems like somewhat of a slap in the face that the illegal gambling in which six cops were arrested took place at a hotel that is located about 200 metres from the police commissioner’s office.