Promoting Sports Among Students

TransStadiaThere has been a move recently to promote competitive sports in India. It is expected that there is a huge untapped market of potential top quality sports professionals who simply need more exposure to their games of choice, along with the opportunity to take their talent further. An initiative by TransStadia and the Association of Indian Universities, is looking to boost competitive sports across educational campuses in India.

While sports are generally encouraged for those who are younger, when students are older, sports are pushed somewhat to the background. Even for those children who show particular promise in a specific sport, as they reach higher levels of education, the focus does not simply begin to stress more focus on academic studies, but that becomes the only focus. Since a number of potentially great sports players fall between the cracks this way, TransStadia and the Association of Indian Universities are hoping to give these potential players the chance to nurture their skills and talent.

The Managing Director of TransStadia, Udit Sheth, has said that the attitude of focusing only on academics “has lead to India producing a lesser number of athletes and sportspersons than its actual capacity.”

While TransStadia is hoping to find and encourage talented sportspeople, it is expected that all students will finish their degrees even if they choose to take sports to a higher level. Sheth explains that not all competitive sportspeople can be top stars such as Sachin Tendulkar, and the expectation of this initiative is not to encourage only number one players.

There is hope that those who show talent will be encouraged to continue to be passionate about sports, and to be involved in the sporting world, either as professional players, or in other sports-related jobs such as managers, coaches, and sports journalists. At this time, the sports that will be focused on are football, boxing, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and athletics.