Raid of Illegal Gambling at Cyber Cafés

Earlier this week, there were more than 33 people arrested for playing online gambling games in gaming parlours. The arrests were not carried out in a single raid, but rather in a raid of a number of similar establishments.

The illegal gambling became known to the authorities when there were complaints from players who had lost large amounts of money, between Rs25 lakh and Rs50 lakh. There have even been those who have lost land or properties during the time of the operations.

Not only could players play from the gambling location itself, but once a player became known to the establishment, they would be given their own special login details and would be able to play from their own homes.

The Samata Nagar police in Kandivli have arrested 21 players that were caught at the time of the arrests, and have also arrested 12 of those who owned the centres offering the illegal gambling. The franchises that were shut down are owned by Game King Pvt Ltd, however, the owner and director of the company, KL Mansukhani, and Ramesh Chaurasia, were not arrested at the time of the operation.

These gambling centres had been operating for two years. Players would come to Planet G outlets, and would be given a user name, and a password, and would have to begin play with a minimum of Rs 1,000. The funds were given, in cash, to the owner of the establishment before the player began play.

It is estimated that there are about 300 similar gaming parlours in the area, and this recent raid only concerned a small selection of six of these establishments. Leading up to the arrests, the police planted dummy customers in the locations being targeted. A police officer explained: “We first sent dummy customers, with marked currency notes, to these parlours. The dummy customers were provided with a user ID and a password to create their accounts. Passwords could be changed later and a minimum of Rs 1,000 had to be paid in cash to the parlour owner to start playing.”

Police recovered a large amount of cash, a number of cell phones, routers, hard disks, and CPUs that were used to run these gambling operations in the Internet cafés.