Rajasthan Royals Choose Shane Watson as Captain

Rajasthan-RoyalsThe Australian cricket player, Shane Watson, has been chosen to captain the Rajasthan Royals team. Watson certainly has a hard act to follow, since he will be replacing the very popular Rahul Dravid. Dravid has recently retired from cricket, leaving the position of captain open. The question that is on everyone’s lips at this time is whether Watson is really up for the task, and whether the right man has been picked. Watson, however, will not be expected to do this entirely on his own. He will get advice from Dravid, who will be Watson’s mentor.

“I am honored to lead the Rajasthan Royals, an extraordinary team which has always given me amazing opportunities,” said the thrilled Watson.

The 32-year-old Watson also spoke about how supported he felt by the team and the fans. He also expressed much appreciation that the team had given him the chance to improve his cricket game.

Watson’s leadership skills will still come into their own or not. There is no question that he will learn some good skills from his mentor, Rahul Dravid in this regard. His cricket game, however, shows somewhat of an underachiever. He is known for making mistakes, and he has also spent much time sitting out with injuries. There is hope that things will turn around for Watson, and he will lead by example in the 2014 IPL.

Watson said: “I would like to thank our fans for showing trust in me through their votes on the digital medium. The Royals are one big family and I feel very privileged to be a part of such a special franchise.”

He also spoke about the team’s goal, saying: “My aim will be to continue playing our best cricket and maintain the winning momentum. We all want to repeat the 2008 IPL success and last season, we were quite close to that. I am confident that we can do it again.”