Pant Faces Axe After Indian Fans Turn On Him For Another Failure

By Dhanu Delphi on September 19, 2019

The life of most Indian cricketers is a roller-coaster filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Rishabh Pant is going through a very difficult time right now after he failed yet again in the second T20 against South Africa on Sep 18.

Pant came into bat at number 4, when there was no match pressure on him. All he had to do was stay at the crease and help his captain, Virat Kohli, take India home. However, the 21-year-old wicket-keeper batsman got out for 4 and walked back to the pavilion dejected.

Indian Fans Turn On Rishabh Pant

At the start of 2019, Pant was considered one of the most promising young cricketers in India who had a bright future. He was disappointed when he was not selected for the 2019 ODI World Cup in England but as fate would have it, a series of injuries to players who were selected gave Pant the opportunity to not only travel to England, but also play.

Pant started losing ground with Indian fans when he played a rash shot in the World Cup semi-final. It didn’t help that India ended up losing. Head coach Ravi Shastri put it down to the exuberance of youth and Pant not being able to control his emotions.

The selectors continued to give Pant the opportunity to redeem himself in the recent T20,  ODI and test series in the West Indies, but the promising left handed batsman struggled in all formats. The string of failures is bound to affect any batsman.

Indian fans have turned on Pant after his recent failure against South Africa. Fans have taken to social media and lashed out at Pant. They feel he has been given far too many chances. Their comments on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have not only been harsh, but also hurtful.

It will be interesting to see how Pant copes with the backlash on social media. He can use the negativity as fuel and bounce back with a good performance in the third and final T20. Or, he can let the criticism bog him down and get the better of him. One thing is certain, if Pant has another failure on Sunday, it will most likely result in him getting dropped.

Fans have called for MS Dhoni to return or for Sanju Samson to be given a chance going forward.

Learn Difference Between Fearless and Careless

Before the second T20 game took place, Shastri spoke to the media and addressed Pant’s poor form. He also pointed out to the fact that Pant was getting out due to poor shot selection. Shastri also said Pant had been given enough rope. He now needs to fire or face the music.

While Shastri is known for his straight talk, that kind of public feedback might be too much for some players to digest. The better option might be to give Pant a break from international cricket and let him go back to playing domestic cricket.  There, he can work out the flaws in his game.

New batting coach Vikram Rathour has his work cut out. Pant is going to be one of his immediate projects. Rathour believes that the big problem for Pant is not technical, but mental.

The batting coach said Rishabh Pant needs to learn to find the balance between being fearless and being careless. He is in the squad on the basis of him being fearless and his ability to play the big shots. However, at the moment, this has turned out to be his weakness. Rathour will need to work with the 21-year-old and see if he can change his fortunes around in the next 72 hours!