Sachin Tendulkar Launches His Autobiography

Sachin Tendulkar is a living cricket legend. He retired from playing cricket a year ago in November 2013 but has continued to be involved in the cricket world during this time. The 41-year-old father of two has been playing cricket for 25 years, and played his first Test match when he was 17.

Tendulkar has written an autobiography, and has attended a book launch at Lord’s in India. His book, Playing It My Way, was released on 5th November, and is being co-published by Hachette India. The publishing company has announced that the autobiography will be published in India’s regional languages.

“We have had an overwhelming response to the launch of this bestseller and are in talks with several Indian language publishers. We look forward to co-publishing this bestseller in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Assamese, Telugu, and Bengali,” said Poulomi Chatterjee, the publisher from Hatchette India. “We will be finalising our publishing partnerships over the next few weeks for a summer 2015 release of these Indian language editions.”

Playing It My Way has broken records in the adult hardback world in both the fiction and non-fiction areas. Hachette India explained that the book has already had more than 200,000 orders for copies. This large number has taken the book ahead of hardback copies of a number of books by famous authors, such as J K Rowling’s Casual Vacancy, Dan Brown’s Inferno, and Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs.

Tendulkar has been in the limelight for more than half his life, and yet has remained the somewhat shy and modest person that he has always been. Tendulkar speaks about his public life, especially how it has been when he has been recognised in public wherever he goes.

He said: “After I came back from Pakistan when I was 16, that’s when people started recognizing me. Gradually it took off. With more and more channels being introduced in India, and more media, things became a little difficult for me. But I’m used to that lifestyle. I have no complaints at all.”