Sachin Tendulkar Wants To Make ODI Cricket More Entertaining

By Dhanu Delphi on November 6, 2019

Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the best cricket batsman that India has ever produced and he is always looking to give back to the game he loves. The Master Blaster recently shared his ideas on what the ICC can do to make ODI cricket a lot more entertaining.

ODI Cricket Highly In Favour Of Batsmen

The 2019 ICC World Cup took place earlier this year and it was a very successful ODI World Cup. That being said, most of the other ODI tournaments and bilateral series taking place around the world don’t generate as much interest among the public. This is because they don’t find ODI cricket as exciting as T20 cricket. There are a lot of rupees at stake.

One of the reasons why the popularity of ODI cricket has diminished over the last few years is because the game has been tweaked. It completely favours the batsmen and makes it difficult for bowlers to any edge. Most teams end up scoring 300 runs on average. On many occasions, the totals go even higher as the bowlers are dispatched to all parts of the ground.

While fans like to see batsmen clearing the fence with ease, they also want to watch an ODI match where the game is competitive until the very last over. A match that has them sitting at the edge of their seats, not knowing which side is going to come out on top. Sadly, the number of competitive ODI matches and nail-biting finishes are far and few between these days.

Tendulkar Proposes Multiple Changes

The Master Blasted played a record 463 ODI internationals for India. He also single-handedly transformed the way India went about playing their ODI cricket. Sachin believes that the ICC needs to step in and make some changes to the format. This will presumably make ODI cricket competitive again and not make the game so friendly for batsmen.

Sachin Tendulkar says ODI cricket should be broken into two innings of 25 overs each per side. Team A should bat for a period of 25 overs. Then, they would take a 15 minute break and allow Team B to bat for 25 overs and see how many runs they can get. They take another 15 minute break and Team A comes back to finish out their final 25 overs.

Team A will play their second set of 25 overs with the remaining number of wickets they have left and look to set a final total. If they were bowled out during the first 25 overs, Team B will get 25 overs plus their second set of 25 overs to chase down the total.

Tendulkar says this format will greatly reduce the impact of the coin toss. Also, sometimes the result of an ODI match gets decided by who wins the toss due to favourable or unfavourable conditions. The dew factor especially in sub-continent games can also play a huge role in the result. By breaking the ODI game into four innings (25 overs each), it makes it competitive for both teams.

Has This Been Proposed Before?

It is interesting to see Tendulkar pushing for this new format as this idea was proposed back in 2009. Back then, the Master Blaster was still playing ODI cricket. However, he wasn’t in favour of having four innings back then. But it seems he has had a change of heart now. The ICC had also considered going with four innings in the ODI format a decade ago. They decided to not test the format out.

Get Rid Of D/L Method

Tendulkar was also very candid and said that it is time the ICC scrapped the controversial Duckworth & Lewis method. The D/L method comes into play during rain affected games. Tendulkar said nobody understands how D/L works. He believes it is time for the ICC to bring in a new method that players can understand. Also, it would bring in a better balance to the ODI game.