Shah Rukh Khan Says to See Sports as a Possible Profession

Shah Rukh Khan, the well-known actor and owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders Indian Premier League (IPL), has said that he feels that children should be shown that it is possible to choose to play sports professionally. He notes that this option is a viable career option for those that excel at certain sports.

At the Toyota university cricket championship, he said: “Parents will always be wary of sports as a profession and I don’t see why they should not be…Parents will have to see that there is a job opportunity here.”

The 47-year-old Khan also noted: “I am a big speaker of sports as a commercial success. Parents should know that it can be a salary job. Your kids will be proud of you.”

Khan has said that he feels that his position as a movie star gives him the chance to act as an ambassador of sorts for sports in general. He has noted that he likes all sports and would like to support all sports, specifically mentioning cricket, however, he did note that hockey “is the best game in the world.”

Khan also noted that women’s sports in India are not given enough attention and are not promoted enough. Not only does he want to further encourage professional cricket in India, although, it needs little encouragement, he also wants to encourage professional soccer in India.

Regarding soccer, he said: “We are the only nation who are on the threshold of development and we don’t have a good football team.”

While Kahn has some plans to promote sports in general in India, he currently said that he and his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, have only one play at the moment. He said: “My team has only one plan, go win the match and win the IPL championship.”