Sharma In and Rayudu Out of UK Tour

Rohit Sharma passed the Yo-Yo fitness test earlier this week, and was cleared to join the India squad’s UK tour. Sharma had been exempt from the test that took place on 15th June, and underwent the test later than others. The rest of the team members had already undergone the test, and Ambati Rayudu was found unfit for the UK tour.

Rohit Sharma Fit for UK Tour

Sharma’s reason for requesting exemption from the earlier testing date was not connected to his fitness level. He had a prior sponsor commitment, and needed to be in Russia at the time. Despite being granted permission to delay his fitness test, some in the media assumed he would not pass.

Sharma went to Twitter to express his feelings regarding the assumption that he was not fit to play.

He Tweeted: “Dear… It’s no one’s business how & where I spend my time. I’m entitled to have time off as long as I follow protocol. Let’s debate some real news, shall we.”

Sharma continued: “I had just one chance to clear my Yo-Yo, that was today. Verification before reporting is always a good idea.”

Ambati Rayudu Replaced by Suresh Raina

After Ambati Rayudu failed his fitness test on 15th June last week, he was replaced by Suresh Raina. This means that Rayudu will not be playing in the India One Day International squad on the UK tour in July.

It has been some time since Rayudu has played in international cricket games. The last time he did so was in an ODI played against Zimbabwe in 2016. He had played well in the recent Indian Premier League, and was then invited to join the India A team.

The official statement from the BCCI noted: “The All-India Senior Selection Committee has named Suresh Raina as Ambati Rayudu’s replacement in India’s ODI squad for the series against England.”