Shocking Umpire Decision Takes Tendulkar Off the Pitch

Sachin Tendulkar has completed his 199th Test match in Kolkata at Eden Gardens. The excitement has been mounting and fans were waiting to watch their star play a good game. In what is seen as a dubious decision by the umpire, Tendulkar was declared out because of an LBW. While the decision made by the umpire, Nigel Llong, has not been challenged, those who have looked more closely at video footage of the ball that was bowled by Shane Shillingford, and many feel that the ball was high enough to have gone sailing over the stumps. Tendulkar had only managed 10 runs before

While Tendulkar was clearly disappointed, and so were his fans, he does still have one Test left before he retires from international cricket. Although his 199th game was not what was expected from anyone, he does still have one final Test to play in.

Along with a number of other achievements in cricket, Tendulkar is hoping that he will be able to sufficiently raise his player rankings so that he can head back into the top 20 ICC Player Rankings for Test batsmen. Tendulkar has held the number one position on four separate occasions, and for a total number of 1,157 days. While Tendulkar would obviously be pleased to reach back into the top 20 before he retires from international cricket. He had last held the number one rank for the ICC Player Rankings for Test batsmen as recently as June 2011. Before that, he had held the number one spot in October 2010, near the beginning of 2002, in May 2000, in March 1988, and also in November 1994.

Although Tendulkar did not have a good batting experience in his 199th Test match, both he and his fans are hoping for a much better result when he plays his final 200th Test this month, ahead of his retirement from international cricket.