Silence Over Government Staff Arrested for Gambling

Earlier this week, there was yet another gambling bust that took place. This bust, however, was a bit different to the others that are usually carried out. While there were a number of arrests, the police have kept silent about who was arrested, being careful not to name any names. In most gambling busts, the police provide names of those that are arrested, and they are published in newspapers. This gambling bust, however, was different because some of those arrested are employees of a government agency.

The gambling bust went down near the office of the chief civil engineer, near Nirman Soudha. At this gambling bust, there were six arrests. Five of those who were arrested in this gambling bust seem to be employed by a government agency. The police did not publicly identify those that were arrested, keeping the names under wraps. It seems that the reason for keeping quiet about those who were arrested is because five of those who were arrested in the gambling bust work for a government agency, and the police are trying to keep the agency from public embarrassment.

During the gambling bust, the amount of Rs 42,435 was seized and there were also seven cell phones seized from those who were caught.

The police did make a short statement, noting: “After being tipped off by locals, our personnel raided the den and arrested the gamblers.”

It seems that there has been gambling that has taken place in this location for a number of years. In fact, there are those locals that believe that the gambling that has taken place near Nirman Soudha might have continued for such a long time because the police turned a blind eye to it.

A local shopkeeper had the following to say on this issue: “We suspect the gamblers were hand-in-glove with police.”