Suicide Attempt to Combat Illegal Betting in Rajastan

A 21-year-old man was frustrated with what he considered to be the apathy of the police towards illegal gambling and online betting that take place in some areas. The former gambler, Naresh, decided that he would commit suicide, or at least, threaten to commit suicide, outside of the house where the Rajastan assembly’s deputy speaker was staying.

Outside the house in the Tonk district where deputy speaker, Ramnarayan Choudhary was staying, Naresh doused himself in kerosene. Before Naresh had a chance to set himself alight, he was stopped by the Meena security men. Later, these security men handed Naresh over to the local police in the Tonk district.

It is clear that Naresh was highly distressed and disturbed after he had suffered some losses when he was gambling in the district. After he had suffered these losses, he had wanted the local police to step in and stop illegal gambling that was taking place in the Tonk area. He claimed that he lodged some complaints with the police and requested, or perhaps demanded, that the police arrest those that he reported to be involved in illegal gambling. According to Naresh, the police took no action after his complaints.

Deputy speak of the legislative assembly, Ramnarayan Meena, said the following regarding the disturbing situation: “The man was disturbed and said that he made several complains to the police to arrest those involved in the racket but the police did not take any action.” Meena further noted: “I have directed the police to take action against the gambling in the area.”

After his suicide attempt, Naresh was arrested by the local police. He was booked for attempting suicide under the section 309 for IPC.

There are those that are of the opinion that the reason for Naresh’s actions was because of his frustration over his own gambling losses.

It should be noted that if gambling was legalized, there would be more gambling abuse centers and “self banning” within online and offline gambling centers. The illegalization of it does not allow for proper treatment of those who may suffer from gambling addiction in which gambling is prospering in many countries where it is illegal, and despite any laws will continue.