Supreme Court Comes Down Hard on BCCI

India - BCCI - Board of Cricket Control in IndiaThe Board of Control for Cricket in India has somewhat lost control as the Supreme Court slams the BCCI for not complying to reforms stipulated by the Lodha Committee.

The BCCI has been given until 6th October to get things together and implement the changes that were meant to have taken place already. A special meeting was held to discuss the issues today. The amendments were discussed, and it seems likely that there may be a few board members resigning in the near future.

During the time period in which the BCCI was meant to be undergoing the transition to comply with the new guidelines, a new panel of administrators was meant to be stet up. At this time, there are a number of officials who are waiting to see if they will be in or out when the new system is brought in.

Whether the BCCI officials wanted to accept the recommended reforms or not, they had no real choice. A new Memorandum of Association and Rules was meant to be adopted by September 30th. The likelihood of Anurag Thakar remaining in his position is not particularly high.

A BCCI official commented on the changes: “The day the BCCI SGM decides to implement Lodha committee’s recommendations, all members will have to choose between BCCI and its state associations. Those who have completed more than nine years will have to vacate their posts and those who are chairing the seat for consecutive terms too will be required to undergo a cooling period. The ball is in Anurag Thakur’s court now, to resign or not.”

The Supreme Court made it clear that while they had expected the BCCI to continue as they were, and not to comply with the court orders, that the court will ensure that they are implemented. A statement noted that “We have no difficulty in passing orders to make sure our previous orders are implemented.”