Suspended Police Officials Because of Gambling Leniency

With the increase in gambling and cockfights, the police have begun to take a tougher line when it comes to dealing with illegal gambling dens and cockfight organizers.

While the police are now dealing with this severe problem, of illegal gambling, there were certain policemen that were recently suspended for being too lenient in dealing with the issues. Those who were suspended include B. Chandanais, the Nandigama Deputy Superintendent of Police, N.B.M. Muralikrishna, the Circle Inspector, and D. Shiva Shankar, the Kanchikacherla Sub-Inspector.

In the past six months, there have been over 5,800 people arrested on illegal gambling charges.  These arrests were made during over 1,000 raids that were conducted in Gudivada, Nuzvid, Bandar, Avanigadda, and Nandigama subdivisions.  During these raids, more than Rs.78.13 lakh was seized.

During thistime, Rs.8.29 was seized in raids that rounded up those who had organized cockfights.  There were 1,160 people who were caught in 233 raids.  R. Jayalakshmi, the Superintendent of Police, has said that local people have been making complaints to the police regarding cockfighting and illegal gambling.

It seems that there have been clubs that have applied for licenses in the name of various different societies that have no link to gambling.  Once they receive their licenses, they resort to offering illegal gambling activities.  Because of this, the club managements have not been keeping records regarding the activities that take place at the clubs and have also not been keeping records with regard to members that have enrolled at the clubs.  Not only has illegal gambling become commonplace, but some of these club organizers have been said to encourage prostitution.

Ms. Jayalakshmi said: “The club managements have obtained permission for taking up recreational programs and games for families. But, there are no records in many clubs. The enrolled members are from Hyderabad, Guntur, Nellore, Ranga Reddy and other districts.”