Tendulkar to Mentor Mumbai Indians

Indian Cricket - Sachin TendulkarIt had been somewhat unclear what Sachin Tendulkar would do next, and cricket fans are pleased that he has not entirely left the game of cricket. Tendulkar has made the decision to mentor the Mumbai Indians for the seventh Indian Premier League cricket.

While Tendulkar has just bought into the Kochi franchise in the Indian Soccer League, there was no question that while he loves sports, that cricket is his first love. This will be shown as the much-loved famous cricketer keeps a hands-on approach to the game, even after retiring from the Indian cricket team.

With his birthday coming up tomorrow, Tendulkar, who was a child prodigy cricket player, was born on 24th April 1973. He emerged as the greatest cricket batsman to have ever played in India.

Tendulkar has always been a great role model for the game of cricket, and for fans of all ages. While there are still questions of spot fixing hanging over the Indian Premier League from the IPL 6, it helps to have a top role model stay around.

Sachin Tendulkar supports Indian sports in general, as can be seen with his recent purchase of part of the Kochi soccer team. The cricket great has said that he supports all sports. Being an ethical and trusted cricketer helps Sachin Tendulkar to remind fans that it is possible to be a top player and not be tainted by corruption, as he has not been in his 24 year professional cricket history.

Although Tendulkar did not quite manage to win every single cricket award, he won most of them during his professional cricket career. He has been the highest run scorer, and has made 100 centuries. He has won awards such as the Padma Bhushan and the Bharat Ratna awards, along with the Khel Ratna award and the Arjuna award, amongst others.

Happy birthday, Sachin!