Terry Walsh Quits and then Withdraws Resignation as Men’s Hockey Coach

Field Hockey 1Terry Walsh, the Indian men’s hockey team’s chief coach had resigned this week after a dispute regarding tax issues with his pay, along with concerns regarding technical matters regarding hockey in India. He was later assured of a revised or new contract that would address the issues, and he agreed to come back.

The hockey team is now looking towards the 2016 Olympic Games, and the Sports Authority of India would prefer that he stayed on as coach. Just last month, Walsh had helped to lead the hockey team to a gold medal at the Incheon Asian Games.

When giving in his resignation, Walsh had said: “I hereby tender my resignation as the chief coach of the Indian men’s hockey team as I am finding considerable difficulty adjusting to the decision-making style of the sporting bureaucracy in India, which I believe, in the long term, is not in the best interests of Indian hockey or its players.”

Walsh, the 60-year-old Australian coach had also said that the constant traveling with the team that is necessary for the job as coach is putting strain on his family life since his family is based in Australia. He did, however, note that he felt attached to the team, and wished the team and the Sports Authority of India.

The Director General of the Sports Authority of India, Jiji Thomson, said: “He was of the view that he, along with the High Performance Director, need to be given more freedom in the decision-making process. From SAI side, we have absolutely no issues on this. This is a matter that needs to be discussed with Hockey India.”

Other issues in Walsh’s contract, such as the number of holidays he is entitled to had also arisen as issues. Thomson assured Walsh privately and publicly that these are all issues that can be worked out. Since Walsh seems satisfied with the respons of the SAI, he has agreed to continue as the hockey team’s coach.