India May Not Make Deadline for Champions Trophy Squad Announcement

The Champions Trophy is set to begin on 1st June 2017. The ICC deadline for participants to announce their squads is 25th April. It appears that India may miss that deadline.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is delaying, and some say the reason for the delay may be a tactic to use for negotiations in the upcoming ICC revenue sharing meeting. The meeting will be held in Dubai the day after the deadline for the announcement of the Champions Trophy squads.

If the squad has not yet been announced, India could threaten to pull out of the upcoming tournament or agree to take part if the BCCI is granted the resources it is hoping for.

The Committee of Administrators appointed by the Supreme Court have noted that it would be inappropriate for the BCCI to use any form of blackmail against the ICC in order to hold onto more revenue.

Amitabh Choudhary is the current acting Secretary of the BCCI, and has already arrived in Dubai to negotiate with the ICC. He noted: “All I can say is I will go by the advice given to me by BCCI’s general body.”

KL Rahul Not Likely to be in Champions Trophy Squad

KL Rahul, India’s opener, has a shoulder injury. He has said that he is not likely to regain the necessary fitness to join the Champions Trophy squad. He explained that he would have to see closer to the time, but described the chances as “slim.”

He sustained the shoulder injury in Pune when playing in the first Test match against Australia. He continued to play but after having torn his labrum, his shoulder dislocated when he moved it into certain positions. At the time, he played with his shoulder taped up and while on medication.

The doctor has predicted that it will take two to three months to heal sufficiently for Rahul to get back in the game.