This Week at the Asian Games

Asian Games 2014India had a good result with a gold on the first day of the Asian Games. The hopes of winning a large number of gold medals has somewhat faded for the Indian participants, however, the week at Incheon did end with some good results for the Indian players.

After taking a gold medal on the first day of the Games, India had not continued to add gold medals to its results. A week later, and India has begun to add more gold medals with a gold in Archery and a gold in the Men’s Squash events.

Day 8 came with both silver and bronze medals for Lalita Babar and her teammate, Sudha Singh, respectively. Babar beat Singh by a mere 0.27 seconds. India’s Geetika Jakhar won a bronze medal in wrestling in the Women’s Freestyle 63kg category, and Vinesh won a wrestling medal in the Women’s Freestyle 48kg category.

This week was also the week that support staff who accompanied the Indian participants to Incheon were caught gambling online when there were breaks, and playing cards for money. They were seen gambling at both the beach volleyball and the kabaddi venues. Some of those who were caught have been banned from the games. In order to prevent any further issues from arising, an official noted: “We have issued a notice telling volunteers not to be engaged in activities hurting our image.”

At the beginning of the week, India was fined $10,000 for pulling out of events at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games at the last minute. The fine was imposed by the Olympic Council of Asia. India has objected to the fine, and protested because the sporting body has explained that it could not go against a government decision to trim the number of those who could travel to the Asian Games.