Three More Gambling Dens Raided

Indian - handcuffs - openThere were three gambling dens that were raided towards the end of the past week. All of the gambling dens offered high staked games and some may have been operating for quite some time.

In Isanpur on Thursday night, Arvind Ustad’s gambling dent was raided and more than 50 arrests took place. The police had been given information that there was a gambling den operating at the gymkhana. During the raid, there was over Rs 7 lakh that was seized. In addition to that, police also seized vehicles belonging to the gamblers that were found at the location, including 30 two-wheelers and four cars.

Police conducted another gambling raid following a tip-off in Chennai. It seems that since there have been crackdowns in Hyderabad, the group of gamblers relocated to Chennai. When the raid took place in an upscale apartment complex on Thiagaraya Road, a group of men were found playing cards for large sums of money. Rs 12.19 lakh was seized at the location, and 29 people were arrested. The police noted that where there are huge sums of money found at gambling raids, the money is often from less than reputable channels. At this time, a number of cases have been booked against the players.

Another gambling raid took place in which a woman was running a gambling den out of a private house. She was arrested along with five other people who were allegedly playing gambling card games. The owner of the apartment in Vapi, Lakshy Shah, was arrested along with Rahim Pinjara, Dhansukh Patel, Anil Soni, Mullaji (Raju Khan), and Tarik (Taki Ejaz Khan). Mobile phones and cash to the value of Rs 53,000 were seized during the raid. Further investigation showed that Shah, who ran the gambling den, contacted the players by mobile phone. It appears that those who were arrested were regular clients. Shah provided refreshments and received a percentage of the total amount that was used for gambling.