Tiger Woods Believes that Golf has Potential in India

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods visited Delhi earlier this year. He has now signed a four-year deal in which he will be endorsing the Hero MotoCorp. Woods was pleased with the response to his visit to India, and has come away with the feeling that there is potential for the sport to grow. Hero MotoCorp are the sponsors of the World Challenge, a golfing event that is played when it is the off-season. The event is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Woods commented: “It was great to see that people were so excited to watch golf. It’s a sports-mad country – obviously cricket being the number one – but I think that the country really loves sport.”

In recent years, there have been a number of golf players from India who are on tour in various locations around the world, and there is no question that along with the growth of other sports in India, golf is also becoming more popular. In addition to this, players from around the world are coming to play in India as certain sports are becoming more popular.

The endorsement deal between Woods and the tire manufacturer was signed for Rs 250 crore. It is now likely that Woods will be making his way to India more often, which is likely to give golf an even bigger boost. The former number one golfer has expressed that the would like to come back again since his last visit was beyond expectations. There are those that question whether this sponsorship deal is simply another way for Woods to enter a new market, or whether it is to help publicize the sport in India. Whatever his personal reasons are, it is certainly a boost to Indian golfers that Woods has taken an interest in Indian golfing, and will most likely visit again soon.