Prop Bets To Put Your Money On During World Cup 2019 (Part 2)

By Dhanu Delphi on June 20, 2019

In Part 2 of our betting series, we go deeper and look at some of the more unusual World Cup prop bets that offer crazy odds at the sportsbooks.

Meanwhile, in Part 1, we looked at the most common wagers cricket bettors tend to place at the Cricket World Cup. We covered a range of different bets, including outright winner, top tournament run scorer, top tournament wicket taker, top run scorer for each team, and top wicket taker for each team. In Part 3, we will finish this series with the remaining prop bets that most punters are not aware of.

Four Unusual World Cup Prop Bets

Before we get into the list of unusual World Cup prop bets which are available at most sports betting websites, we must point out that these prop bets are very volatile. That’s because it is extremely hard to predict how things will turn out. For that reason, these bets have great odds and pay out well. If you are an avid cricket follower, then you will find all of these bets interesting.

Four Teams That Will Reach The Semi-Finals

This edition of the ICC World Cup has a format where only the top four teams will qualify and play each other in a semi-final. The winners will then make it to the 2019 ICC World Cup finals. Sportsbooks subsequently offer prop bets on the top four teams you think are going to make the semi-finals. While England (1.62), India (1.67) and Australia (1.83) are the top three teams favoured to make the semi-finals, a lot of teams are battling it out for the fourth spot. These include New Zealand, Bangladesh and the West Indies.

Two Teams That Will Reach The Finals

Now you can wait untill the final four teams are shortlisted and then chose the two teams who you think will make it to the finals. This is obviously a safer mode of betting. However, the odds will drastically change since you are only dealing with four teams. On the other hand, if you decide to wager now when 10 teams are still in the running, the odds are a lot better in terms of giving you a rewarding payout.

Remember this prop bet allows you to pick only two teams who you think will make the finals!

Team That Will Finish At The Bottom

Now this is an interesting prop bet! The wager involves selecting which team will be eliminated in 10th place. Or likewise, the team that ends up with the lowest points. If two teams end up with the same points, their position will be determined by their net run rate.

Everyone expects Afghanistan to finish in 10th place and that is why they have odds of 1.01. However, given the fact that South Africa and Pakistan have played some poor cricket, do not be surprised if Afghanistan pulls of a win or two and finishes in 9th place.

Continent Winner

Sportsbooks like to make things even more exciting. They therefore enjoy coming up with some unusual World Cup prop bets to draw in more betting action. The Continent Winner is one of these bets. As the name implies, it asks punters to pick which continent will win the 2019 ICC World Cup. Don’t forget you can place a bet on more than one option. We list the different continents and their odds below.

Oceania, which features Australia and New Zealand, has odds of 6/4 according to Oddschecker. You then have Europe, which includes the hosts England, at odds of 15/8. Meanwhile, Asia which has many teams including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, has odds of 7/4. Finally, you have Africa, which features the South African team, has odds of 100.

We will conclude this prop bet series in Part 3.