Vidya Pillai and Manan Chandra at IBSF World Snooker

The IBSF World Snooker Championships 2013 have begun. The tournament runs from today until 8th December 2013, and it is the largest IBSF World Snooker championships that has ever taken place. The 242 players are now in Latvia, and out of the 51 countries that are represented, India is putting its hopes on Vidya Pillai and Manan Chandra.

Vidya Pillai has won a snooker gold medal in the World 6-Reds in the women’s category just last month, while Manan Chandra has obtained a bronze. These two Indian players have arrived in Daugavpils in Latvia along with eight other Indian snooker players, who will all be competing in the IBSF World Snooker Championships 2013 over this 12-day snooker championship.

The 15-Red snooker championship has 126 male entrants who will be competing for the men’s trophy, 42 women will be competing for the women’s trophy, and 74 Masters, those who are above the age of 40, will be competing against each other.

The Indian men’s contestants are Manan Chandra from Delhi, Shahbaaz Adil Khan from Kolkata, and Brijesh Damani from Kolkata. The contestants for the women’s championships are Vidya Pillai from Tamil Nadu, Arantxa Sanchis from Mumbai, Neena Praveen from Tamil Nadu, Varshaa Sanjeev from Karnataka, and Chitra Magimairaj from Karnataka. India also has two Masters entrants, namely S A Saleem from Tamil Nadu, and Nizel Benedict Lazar, also from Tamil Nadu.

Notable amongst the team members is the youngest ever player that has represented India at an IBSF World Snooker event, Varshaa Sanjeeev. Sanjeev is only 16-years-old. The chief coach that is with the Indian team is Sanjay Sawant.

Indian cueists have won a number of medals in past IBSF snooker championships. Included in these meals are four golds, two silvers, and six bronze medals.