Vijender Singh Beats Samet Hyuseinov with Technical Knockout

Boxing GlovesIndia’s Vijender Singh, the Beijing Olympics bronze medalist, has beaten Samet Hyuseinov, the Bulgarian boxer, in the Manchester Arena this past weekend. After having won, Vijender has kept to his record and has remained unbeaten since October.

It took less than two rounds before Vijender won the bout with a technical knockout. He had cornered Hyuseinov who was not able to get away from a number of combination punches. Although the boxing match was meant to last for six rounds, the referee stepped in just 35 seconds into the second round to declare a victory for Singh.

Singh commented on his win: “I am happy for another knockout win and making it 3-0. Attacking strategy on Samet from the very first minute of the first round helped me a lot to win this game in the second round. For my third bout, I did a lot of physical hard work and improved my techniques, which helped me to win today’s game against an opponent who had the experience of playing 14 bouts.”

Singh said that his win is a gift to all his friends and fans in India, and that he is “feeling happy” that he ended 2015 on a winning note. He had entered the match on a positive note, and left it the victor.

“Before my bout, everyone was asking me that your opponent speaks a lot about giving you a tough time in the ring, but I think now my punches have replied to him and it will be a lesson for future opponents also,” said Singh.

Vijender Singh is India’s middleweight boxing’s rising star. He has won all three of his first fights, beginning with a technical knockout of Sonny Whiting in October, and the knockout of Dean Gillen in November, concluding with the technical knockout of Samet Hyuseinov.