Virat Kohli Becomes India’s Most Successful Captain Surpassing MS Dhoni

By Dhanu Delphi on September 4, 2019

Virat Kohli India Cricket CaptainIndia’s cricket team just completed a fantastic tour of the West Indies where they won the T20 series 3-0, the ODI series 2-0 and the Test Series 2-0. The 7-0 whitewash is an incredible feat that needs to be praised as India showed killer instinct throughout the tour as captain Virat Kohli led the way.

Kohli will be pleased with his team’s performance in all three formats, but the test series win will hold a special place in his heart for a number of reasons. The win in the second test saw him officially surpass MS Dhoni with 28 test victories as captain to MS Dhoni’s 27.

Kohli Most Successful Indian Captain

MS Dhoni is considered royalty in Indian cricket because he led the team to a T20 World Cup win and an ODI World Cup win. However, in the test arena Dhoni did not have the success he would have liked as captain. When Kohli took over as the test captain, he quickly established his own style of captaincy and the team has responded well.

MS Dhoni captained India for 60 tests and achieved 27 wins as captain at a win percentage of 45 percent. Kohli has captain India for just 48 matches and has won 28 of them so far with a superior win percentage of 58.33 percent making him by far the most successful test captain. Third on the list is S Ganguly who captain India for 49 test and won 21 of them with a win percentage of 42.86 percent.

Fit, Fast And Aggressive

In the heat of events, it is hard to quantify what makes a captain so good. Looking over Kohli’s 28 test victories, here are the 5 keys to Virat Kohli’s strategy we see.

This Indian team is ready to sledge when sledged and sometimes even be the aggressor. This attitude hasn’t gone down well with some of the ex-Indian players who feel that Kohli should not force any of the other team members to follow the same approach as they might not have his aggressive personality. However, head coach Ravi Shastri is happy to back Kohli and let him have his way with the team as the results have mostly been positive – especially in the test format.

While Kohli has surpassed MS Dhoni as the most successful test captain, his credentials as a captain will only be established if he can bring a World Cup home!