Voice Matches in the IPL Spot Fixing Case

India - Meiyappan - IPL spot fixingAfter the spot fixing betting scandal that took place during the 2013 Twenty20 cricket games, there was an extensive investigation that took place in order to identify those that were guilty.

Gurunath Meiyappan, a former official for the Chennai Super Kings team, along with Vindoo Dara Singh, an actor, were identified in a phone tapped conversation. It has been reported that in the phone conversation, both the matches and betting information was discussed.

There is already a case against Vindoo and Meiyappan, who had been arrested and are both currently out on bail. There has been some controversy over Meiyappan, who is the son-in-law of N Srinivasan, the BCCI President. While Srinivasan distanced himself from his son-in-law, it has become clearer over time that Meiyappan was involved in the spot fixing scandal.

The conversation that was analyzed by the forensic report that identified the two parties, included discussions regarding the pitch condition, the weather conditions, the team composition, the toss, betting activities, and also the outcome of matches that had not yet been played. The information was given to Vindoo regarding an upcoming match, and Vindoo then shared the information with bookies.

Vindoo and Meiyappan were not the only two arrested in the IPL 2013 cricket scandal. They were arrested along with 20 other people, many of whom were booked for cheating, forgery, and for criminal conspiracy some time after the news of the scandal broke.

The charge sheet for this case is huge with around 11,500 pages that were filed by the police Crime Branch. The crime sheet details information for all those accused of taking part in the spot fixing scandal, including Meiyappan and Vindoo, along with other well known people, such as Asad Rauf, the Pakistani umpire, along with 15 bookies from Pakistan.