Will India Bid for the 2019 Asian Games?

Indian Olympic AssociationIt is unclear at this time whether India will put in a bid to host the 2019 Asian Games or not. The games were set to be hosted in Hanoi, but last month, Hanoi pulled out of hosting the Games because of economic difficulties. While it was expected that the games will be moved to Indonesia, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has expressed the desire to host the games in India. The question is whether India’s new government will support the bid.

Narendra Modi will be sworn into power as the Prime Minister of India Wednesday, May 21st. There will be a number of changes, including a new Sports Ministry. While the new Indian government is settling in, the decision as to whether India wishes to take part in this bid or not needs to be made by July 1st, which has been set as the deadline for bids by the Olympic Council of Asia.

There is a good chance that Modi and his government will not support the bid to host the 2019 Asian Games since he has promised the people of India that he will introduce economic reforms and will address the many fiscal issues in the country.

An anonymous official said: “It all depends on the new Sports Ministry but given the fact that court cases related to corruption in the Commonwealth Games are still pending and it seems they would not take a hasty decision.”

The India Olympic Association received a suspension that lasted for 14 months after elected officials were connected to the scandal surrounding the organization. After new elected officials took over, the suspension was lifted during the time of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Asian Games have taken place in New Delhi in both 1951 and in 1982. India also bid to host the Games in 2006 and in 2014 but was unsuccessful.