Will Ravi Ashwin’s Fallout With V Kohli Signify A Quick End To His Career?

By Dhanu Delphi on September 2, 2019

Ravi Ashwin Virat Kohli

Ravi Ashwin was considered the number one spinner in India a few years ago in all formats of the game. He was the go to man for MS Dhoni when he was the captain and he delivered both in the international arena as well as in the Indian Premier League (IPL) where he used to play for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The falling out could chance the trajectory of Ashwin’s career, while changing the odds offered by bookmakers to bettors.

Fallout With Dhoni Ended Limited Overs Career

Dhoni and Ashwin enjoyed a good relationship for many year’s which is why the captain backed him and he had a lot of opportunity. However, for some reason their relationship soured and Dhoni suddenly lost faith in R Ashwin’s ability and no longer trusted him as his premier spinner.

Dhoni’s lack of faith in R Ashwin was also evident when the two played for CSK and Ashwin’s performance in the shorter formats of the game suffered. He was quickly replaced in the T20 and ODI arena as Y Chahal and K Yadav were given an opportunity and they became the frontline spinners in the shorter format of the game.

R Ashwin was only chosen for test matches where he continued to be the number one spinner with an outstanding record that currently stands at 65 tests, 342 wickets and a batting average of 29.1.

Fallout With Kohli Could End Test Career

There were reports earlier this year that R Ashwin had fallen out with V Kohli and the distaste between the two was evident in the 2019 IPL. When R Ashwin was asked about their relationship, he played down the drama saying that both of them were very passionate about their cricket but that’s all there was to it.

Well that is clearly not the case as R Ashwin was not selected in the playing eleven for both the test matches in the West Indies. India won the first test convincingly without R Ashwin and have odds of 1.01 to win the second test with West Indies having odds of 59.

Kohli decided to pick R Jadeja ahead of Ashwin for both test matches which caused a huge outcry back in India as many felt Ashwin was not treated fairly. However, R Jadeja performed with both bat and ball and repaid Kohli’s faith in him which has also silenced a lot of R Ashwin supporters.

If India had to play two spinners, it is quite possible that R Ashwin would have played as the second spinner. However, the message that Kohli has sent is loud and clear. R Ashwin is no longer the number 1 choice for test matches and it is quite possible that he may no longer be number two as K Yadav is waiting in the wings.

What Should R Ashwin Do?

R Ashwin is smart enough to realize what is going on and it is up to him to fix. The question is whether he will want to fix his strained relationship with Kohli as it would require him to put his ego and pride aside and try and sort things out with his captain. A failure to do so will mean he gets to keep his pride intact but it will most likely bring his test career to a quicker end.

The only other alternative for R Ashwin is for him to get back to domestic and county cricket and let his performance speak. He needs to take loads of wickets and also score a lot of runs to force his way back into the squad based on current performance. R Ashwin is only 32 and still has 3 to 4 years of cricket left in him. It will be interesting to see what approach he takes and whether he can regain his place in the test squad as the number one spinner!