Women’s Cricket and the IPL

By Dhanu Delphi on March 22, 2018

Since the 2017 World Cup, when the Indian women’s cricket team came second, the team has won the public’s favour. While women’s cricket was largely ignored in the past, it has been somewhat in the limelight in the past year.

Mithali Raj, the team’s captain, was often seen as the female version of Sachin Tendulkar. Now that fans are watching women’s cricket, she has been able to create her own identity. Raj is an excellent cricketer and deserves to be recognized on her own merit.

The team is a good balance of young and un-coming players and those who have more experience and somewhat carry the team. As it stands, the Indian women’s cricket team is getting into its groove, and need to get to the point where they can maintain their high level of cricket.

The team was victorious in South Africa, and then suffered a whitewash in Australia. It is hoped that both time and exposure will boost the squad.

With the quality playing at the World Cup 2017, the media and the BCCI took greater notice of the team. The next Women’s World Cup Cricket takes place in New Zealand in 2021.

Indian Premier League Exhibition Matches

The BCCI has been considering women’s cricket exhibition matches during this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL). If the games do take place, they will be scheduled as T20 matches. The games will be played when the IPL is in the knockout phase if the scheduling can accommodate this.

The main reason for the exhibition games is to see what interest the team will conjure amongst fans. The ultimate goal is to set up a women’s T20 league.

Vinod Rai, the chairman of the Committee of Administrators, commented: “If we find that we can host a few exhibition matches then the BCCI would like to do it this year. The women cricketers deserve to play IPL.”