Always Take The English Weather Into Account Before Wagering

By Dhanu Delphi on June 14, 2019

If you are one of those cricket bettors who have set their sights on betting at the 2019 ICC World Cup, you definitely need to take into consideration the impact that the English weather is going to have on the game. If you fail to factor this into your World Cup betting, chances are you are going to come out on the losing side.

When the weather comes into play, it can very often take a side like Sri Lanka, who have World Cup winning odds of 50/2, and work things in their favour. That’s because it can level the playing field. Alternatively, the weather can work against a strong team like New Zealand, who have odds of 7/2, and lessen their chances of winning.

These are the factors that you always need to consider before you put money down on an outright winner. Or, even if you are going to make prop bets at the 2019 ICC World Cup.

English Weather Forces Four Abandoned Matches

Two weeks into the World Cup and rain has seen three matches abandoned. The game between Pakistan (33/2) and Sri Lanka on June 7 at Bristol was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to heavy rain.

The game on June 15 between South Africa and West Indies in Southampton was also abandoned after South Africa found themselves in trouble at 29/2. This is a perfect example of how the Proteas got themselves out of trouble due to rain. They then got a point for the game.

The third game that was abandoned was the match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Bristol. The fourth game that was abandoned was the game in Nottingham between India and New Zealand.

Cricket fans are unhappy to see four World Cup games abandoned just two weeks into the tournament. They have thrown shade at the ICC for poor scheduling, but those are just emotional fans. After all, the games take place during the English summer.

So if you are going to make an outright bet, always take a glance at the English weather predictions. They are generally pretty accurate!

D/L Must Be Factored

If you don’t know what the D/L method is, then you need to spend some time researching it. The Duckworth-Lewis method of calculation comes into play when rain plays spoilsport. The officials subsequently start reducing the number of overs for each side.

As a punter, if you see that there is a 50 percent chance or more of rain, then you must factor the D/L method. The team batting second usually has the advantage, and hence the toss will play a crucial role in such games.

Overcast Conditions Boost Swing

If you are a cricket bettor who really knows the game, then you know that it does not always have to rain to impact the game. When you have conditions that are overcast and cold, it helps the ball to swing big time, making it hard to play. When you see such conditions, you want to back the team that has the best swing bowling attack. You also want to take into consideration which team gets sent into bat!

Wet Conditions Negate Spin

A team like India, who have odds of 5/2 at winning the World Cup, can struggle when rain interrupts play. That’s because rain makes the outfield wet and the ball hard to grip. India currently plays two wrist-spinners who control the middle of the innings and pick up wickets. When the ball is wet, their impact is greatly negated and the opposition will definitely have an edge over the spinners.

Cricket isn’t just about how well you bat or how well you bowl. It is also how well you adjust to the conditions and use it to your advantage. Keep this in mind before you place a bet on your favourite team! If you use the English weather to your advantage, you can come out with a winning bet!