Wriddhiman Saha Awaits Shoulder Surgery in England

The 33-year-old Wriddhiman Saha has left for Manchester where he will undergo shoulder surgery. The rest of the India cricket team has already completed the T20 International, and One Day International series. Saha may be heading to England, but he will not be playing any cricket. Saha is a top Test cricket wicket-keeper.

The India wicket-keeper has been accompanied by an assistant physiotherapist, Yogesh Parmar. Parmar works at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. Parmar will stay with Saha, and will be available to him after the surgery.

Saha has been out of the game on a national level since January when he and the India team had been playing their first Test against South Africa. He then played in the Indian Premier League for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Saha fractured his thumb, and had also had the shoulder pain return after taking a fall on his shoulder. He took a break from the IPL to return after some rehabilitation.

The extent of the shoulder injury was only revealed later, when the serious labral tear was discovered. It is unclear as to why the BCCI was somewhat silent about this injury. There is speculation that the silence may be related to a mistake made by an NCA physiotherapist who had not treated the shoulder injury correctly.

Shoulder Surgery to Take Place in Manchester

Saha’s official diagnosis shows that he has a post superior labral tear on his right shoulder. The surgery will take place in about a week on either the 6th or 7th August 2018. Once Saha has been examined by Dr Lennard Funk, a Manchester doctor, the final surgery date will be set.

If all goes according to plan, Saha will stay in Manchester for approximately two weeks post-surgery. He will then travel back to India with Parmar, and is likely to return by 13th August.