Yuvraj Singh has First Indian Premier League Win

IPL 2016 - Yuvraj Singh with trophyYuvraj Singh is a cricket all-rounder who has been on the winning team in a number of important tournaments, helping to take his team to powerful wins. He has won the World T20, the Champions Trophy, and the 50-over World Cup. He has been one of the most celebrated match winners in India, however, he had never before been on the winning team for the Indian Premier League.

Singh has played in eight IPL seasons, and each time, has not made it through to a win. This year, playing with a new franchise, Singh and his Sunrisers Hyderabad teammates made it to the top, winning the final of the Indian Premier League 2016.

When the match was over, it was clear that Singh was celebrating one of the hardest. When he commented after the match, he said: “It is an amazing feeling to win an IPL Trophy. I have won the World Cups but never won an IPL trophy. I have been playing this tournament for eight years now but never won it. Tonight that moment has finally come. I had never tasted the sweetness of an IPL trophy and this is something really amazing.”

Singh had only good things to say about his teammates, and the team’s captain David Warner. He had expressed some concern when the team did had not managed to qualify in the top two. He felt that once the Sunrisers Hyderabad were in the final, it would be possible to win. He explained how the team had spent much time together both on and off the pitch, creating a cohesive entity that knew how to work together, and could gain strength from each other.

“We stuck together when the game was shifting away from us,” he said. “We just needed to stick together and take a few wikets. We fielded well, and in the end we became winners.”

Amidst the celebrations, Yuvraj took the time to compliment the team that made it to second place in the IPL, the Royal Challengers Bangalore.