Yuvraj Singh Thinks It Is Time For An Indian Players Association

By Dhanu Delphi on November 5, 2019

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the most powerful cricket board in the world. Indian cricket players know better than to oppose the BCCI or any of its officials. Players who decide to go against the views of the BCCI know that they could be sidelined and overlooked for any number of reasons. This is one of the main reasons why Indian cricketers tend to keep their opposing opinions and views to themselves. There was never any idea of an Indian Players Association.

Former cricketer Yuvraj Singh no longer has to fear the long arm of the BCCI. Singh has retired from all forms of cricket. The dashing left handed batsmen recently went on record to call for an Indian Players Association (IPA) to be established. Therefore, the views and suggestions of Indian cricket players can be better represented to the BCCI.

Indian Players Association Must Be Established

All test playing nations have their own players association, except for India and Pakistan. The BCCI has approved the Indian Cricketers Association (ICA), an association that looks out for retired players (men and women). The ICA was established only because the RM Lodha Committee pushed for such an establishment. They wanted ex-cricketers to get better care from the BCCI.

The BCCI approved the ICA because it was clear that the association could not act as a trade union. It is highly unlikely that the BCCI would be keen to approve the ICA as it could very well function as a trade union which could pose challenges for the BCCI.

Yuvraj Singh remains optimistic, though. He says that it is time for the ICA to be established as the players need someone to represent them at the highest level. This is because they are afraid of doing it by themselves. Yuvraj pointed out that players are not willing to come forward and be open with their views. They feel they can lose their place in the side or fall foul of the BCCI which could literally mean the end of their cricketing career.

Give Players A Voice

Yuvraj pointed out to Australia’s Glenn Maxwell’s recent admission of mental health issues and how it shocked the cricketing world. He believes that even if any of the current Indian players struggle with mental health issues, they will not be willing to come forward and admit it because they are not comfortable or confident of the help they will get. The opposition is true as they remain fearful that they might lose their place in their side and be considered mentally weak.

Yuvraj believes it is time for players to have a voice. The best way of doing this is to create the ICA. So far, no Indian player either current or former has called for an association to represent the players. However, Yuvraj believes that this is the right time. This is especially with former test captain Sourav Ganguly now taking over the role of the BCCI President.

Ganguly and Yuvraj have enjoyed a good relationship over the years. Yuvraj believes that the new BCCI President will be open to the views of the players as he also knows first-hand some of the challenges the players face on a day-to-day basis.

Do Not Criticize Players In The Media

Yuvraj also said he thinks the Indian coaching staff and management should be a little more supportive to the players. Batting coach Vikram Rathore took a dig at Rishabh Pant’s performance in the media. Rathore said that Pant needs to learn the difference between being careless and fearless.

Yuvraj believes these types of negative comments will only hurt the performance of the player. The better approach would be to offer supportive comments in the media and carry out the required coaching behind the scenes.