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If you are looking for an unbiased view on sports betting for India, this site is it. Our content is written by a team of experienced bettors with vast knowledge with a focus on cricket. All content is written specifically for bettors from India, but others are free to enjoy and learn from it as well. Although our website navigation is fairly easy to follow, this home page highlights some of the important sections of our betting guide for Indians.

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Top Sports Betting Sites Accepting Indian Customers

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Restrictions for all offers may apply, see terms and conditions for details. Must be 18 years or older. Gamble responsibly.

Editor’s Notes

Bet365: Bet365 is another solid option for sports, casino and poker. Their selection of cricket betting options in particular is first class.

Betway: Betway is the newest TRUSTED betting site to accept Indian Rupees! They have a great selection of cricket and horse betting options, as well as poker, and casino! Sign up and deposit for a 100% Bonus up to Rs. 2500.

Online Cricket Betting from India

cricket betting indiaIt is no secret that cricket is massively popular. Even that is an understatement, but what comes along with the popularity of most sports is the interest of people to bet on them. It’s estimated that the total betting market in India is Rs 3-4 lakh crore (Rs 3-4 Billion) [1], and it seems to grow each year. While many wager with illegal street bookies, many are finding licensed international sites offer a safer alternative. Betting cricket at Betway, for example, allows customers to deposit and withdraw via e-wallets such as Neteller using Indian Rupees. They offer odds for cricket fixtures from around the world, including Indian Premier League, international T20’s, and more. They also offer bets using mobile devices which continues to grow in popularity. These licensed cricket betting sites have earned a trusted worldwide reputation for offering security of funds, fast payouts, and fair odds.

Be sure to see our weekly cricket update that covers news from India and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Makes a Good Online Sportsbook?

When selecting online bookies with whom to recommend to other Indian bettors, we follow some very strict criteria. We add and remove sites based on this criteria.

  1. Accepts Indian Players: They must not have India on a “restricted country”, allowing us to open accounts without hassle, and in safety knowing they will pay us when we win, and fast.
  2. Easy Depositing: If they do not accept credit cards or do not have a high acceptance rate for credit cards we make sure they accept e-wallets of either Neteller or Skrill. Our deposit comparison chart denotes which methods each site has available.
  3. Trust and Security: We vet sites based on our knowledge of the industry, listening to the experiences of visitors, as well as referring to trusted advisory sites to verify the trustworthiness of a site. We also try to find sites that have a long established reputation in the industry, including serving other betting markets. All of this to find sites that offer the highest degree of safety and trust, including protecting personal information and sites that have a solid reputation of payment.
  4. Betting Selection: We also look for sites that offer the best selection available for cricket, including IPL, horse racing, football (soccer) and other popular sports for Indian bettors.
  5. Accepts INR: If possible, we try to find bookmakers that allow for deposits and withdraws in Indian Rupees. This is very important, but due to the limited selection of sites that fulfill the above criteria, you may find that some of the sites we feature here require deposits in other currencies such as Euro, USD, or GBP.

Where can I bet using Indian rupees (INR)?

The #1 sports betting site that allow for Rupee deposits directly is This site offers Indians the ability to register with our home address, and then deposit, wager and withdrawal in Indian Rupee – INR.  They are one of only a few betting sites to do so for India. Betway was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Malta. They are an all inclusive betting site offering sports, casino and poker betting from account.

If you’re going to choose only one online betting site, Betway is a great choice.

Betway is our favorite TRUSTED betting site accepting Indian Rupees. There are others that advertise to Indian players, but it is either very difficult to deposit/withdraw with them, or they have trust issues. We are constantly on the lookout for more trustworthy sites. Check back with us for updates.

Be sure to check out our Betway review.

What are the best ways to deposit and withdraw?

I’ve written detailed articles about gambling deposits from India and gambling cash outs from India, which are very helpful to understanding how Indians can bet sports online. However, here is a quick recap of the three most popular methods.

  • Neteller: [Top Recommended] This is an e-wallet that allows for transactions with online betting sites in Indian rupees. They are highly reputable and regulated by the UK’s Financial Service Authority (FSA).
  • Skrill: This is an e-wallet which can also be set up in rupees. You can link your home bank account as well as your credit card and debit card to it. This is one of the cheapest way to deposit and withdrawal money from online bookmakers.
  • EntroPay: This functions similar to an e-wallet but is unique in that the funds loaded to your account are also associated with a virtual debit card number. This makes it possible to shop online anywhere Visa is accepted , something not easy to do under RBI policies. You can of course also use EntroPay to deposit and withdrawal at online sports books.

The main benefit to using the the above methods is that they offer an extra layer of privacy. This is because the name of the gambling site never appears; all of your bank account deposits and withdrawals will read Neteller, Skrill, or Entropay, making these transactions much more private.

In addition, e-wallets are commonly used for more traditional transactions, Neteller for example is famous in India and used by many website programmers, consultants, and freelance writers to take payment from their clients. Indian banks deal with them regularly for transactions that have nothing to do with gambling.

How do I know what betting sites to trust?

Do your research. We are one of many resources that give an opinion of where it is safe to bet. However, we take this very serious. We only recommend sites that we trust with our own money. To be safe, it is important to look for sites that have an established history. See our list of trusted betting sites.

Do I have to pay taxes on winnings?

We are not accountants or attorneys so we recommend you seek advice from professionals for an official answer. You may want to check out our favorite legal blog for further reading on gambling winnings and taxes.

Do I have to download software to place bets online?

For poker and casino (YES) for sports betting (No). For poker and casino, you typically need to download software or a “client”. However, to bet on sports like cricket, you do not have to download anything. You simply need to visit the betting site of your choice. All of their services are available straight from their web page. The exception for sports is if you want to use a mobile application to bet from a smartphone or tablet. However, even when using a mobile device, you can access their website via your web browser if you won’t want to download the application.

Do betting sites have age restrictions?

All reputable sites impose age restrictions. They are typically a minimum age of either 18 or 21.

Is sports betting legal?

It depends on where you are from. However, in India, betting on sports is generally presumed illegal, and several street bookies have been arrested in India. However, we have not found an incident recorded against a citizen betting online from their home. Interesting enough however, to the best of our knowledge the only laws at the federal level pertaining to gambling come from the The Public Gambling Act of 1867 that addresses brick and mortar casinos and betting parlors. According to gaming statistics, 40% of the India population that have a computer and internet visit online betting websites primarily for lotto, cricket, and horse betting. It is also worth noting that states like Sikkim have entered fully licensed gambling from Indian territory.

The Public Gambling Act which makes casino gambling illegal, specifically states it does not apply to skill wagering. Considering the Supreme Court has ruled horse race betting a skill [2] and sports betting uses similar skills, this leaves sports wagering a gray area. Ultimately, even if sports betting was illegal under Central government regulations, the Constitution of India gives states the right to create their own laws and policies regarding gambling. One state (Sikkim) has already legalized certain sports to bet and is now issuing gambling licenses. For details, see our page on Sikkim Gambling Licenses or for the broader picture refer to our page on India Gambling Laws.

While you should always check with your own attorney and do research yourself, to the best of our knowledge no one has ever been arrested or fined for wagering online from the privacy of their own home. The gambling sites friendliest to Indians are licensed in the UK or Gibraltar, and fully legal under European and International law.

Other Betting Content

As I mentioned in the introduction, our website is filled with strategy content and true informational gems specifically for India that is unique to only this site. For an example, see our in-depth pages on football betting, Formula-1 handicapping, or the variety of pages we have on cricket betting. You will find more on these topics on the main menu bar and side menu. This is only a small example of the content you’ll find here at Sports Betting. I encourage you to spend some time navigating our website and I wish you the best of luck when betting online.

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