At the most basic level, the odds of a coin toss being heads are 50%, which can also be expressed as 2.0 when using decimal odds or occasionally as ‘evens’ or ‘even money’; we’ll come to other forms of odds in a moment.

Of course, not all bets are going to fall nicely into a lovely round number like 50%/2.0.

For example, the cricket odds of Pakistan winning the upcoming T20 World Cup are 9.00, which equates to an implied probability of 11.1%. So that would be an example of Pakistan being a considerable outsider. Any time that a bet is available at odds that are bigger than 2.0/50 percent it’s called an odds-against bet.

That’s in contrast to an odds-on chance. An odds-chance is where the odds are shorter than 50%/2.0 and that bet is deemed to have a greater chance of winning, than of not winning. For example, India would be odds-on, at say 1.4, to beat South Africa in their first game at the T20 World Cup.

The bigger the cricket odds on any event, the more unlikely it is to happen. But if it does happen, the more you’ll get paid out.

Types of cricket odds

Odds are generally put in formats such as American, Fractional, and Decimal. Fractional odds are mostly used in the UK and even then, they’re not so popular anymore.

That’s because slightly less experienced cricket bettors struggle to immediately realize what 7/4, 11/8 or 2/5 actually mean.

It’s easy enough if someone says Virat Kohli is 3/1 (you get paid out 3x what you wagered) to be the top scorer for India against England but it’s the numbers in between that can be tricky.

The cricket betting community in India generally prefers decimal odds. If you’re struggling, the best thing you can do is go to a site that converts odds, and there you can convert fractional odds into decimal cricket odds, or implied probability, to get your head around it.

Decimal odds are the most widely used cricket betting odds online and there won’t be many bookmakers who don’t offer their cricket odds in this format.

The best way to understand decimal odds is to remember that 2.0 is evens while anything bigger than that (e.g., 2.5) is odds-against, and anything smaller (e.g., 1.7) is odds-on.

A quick trick to understand decimal odds is to subtract 1 from the decimal odds. So, an 8.0 chance is actually a 7/1 in fractional odds.

How to get the most competitive cricket odds

To get the best cricket betting odds, you must have a betting account on multiple platforms.

Of all the golden rules of betting, the most important of all is that you always place your bet with the betting platform offering the highest cricket betting odds on that particular outcome so that you end up making the highest profits. This becomes even more so important when you take part in IPL betting.

For example, let’s assume that Betway has odds of 1.80 on Mumbai Indians to win against Delhi Capitals in an IPL game. On the other hand, Bet365 has odds of 2.00 on MI win for the same match. If you stake INR 100 on MI win on Betway and they do win, you will get a total of INR 180 in return. If you place the same bet on Bet365, you will get a total of INR 200 in return.

How to bet on cricket

Just about every online bookmaker will offer cricket odds on cricket matches that are going on.

Then it’s just a case of navigating to the cricket section, choosing your match and then the particular cricket betting market… and you’re good to go.

Remember that in almost all cases you’ll also be able to bet live, which means betting at constantly changing cricket betting odds, while the match is in progress.

Cricket betting tips, Advice and Strategies

So far so good and though betting on cricket is easy in terms of the mechanics, there’s a lot to pay attention to in any given game. Knowing the players and their qualities, the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, and understanding how conditions on the day affect proceedings is crucial.

But you’re also going to need some strategies. For example, knowing that a team is particularly good at chasing but not so smart at defending totals and then deliberately betting post-toss on the chasing side. Or knowing that a particular batsman does very well at a particular ground or against certain opposition.

If all fails, we do have a dedicated cricket betting tips page which can set you off on the right path.

Cricket Prop Bets

These are bets that aren’t dependent on the outcome of the game. Some of the cricket prop bets are:

  • Top batsman
  • Top bowler
  • Who will be the game’s man-of-the-match
  • Which side will hit the most sixes
  • What the method of the first dismissal will be (e.g., Caught, bowled, LBW, etc).

As you can see, you could place bets on all those outcomes. And if they were on say India v South Africa, none of them would be directly dependent on who actually won the match.

Best Cricket betting sites

Here’s the table which has the list of the betting sites that provide the best cricket odds.

Frequently Answered Questions about Cricket Odds

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