Tennis Betting Guide for Indians

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Tennis has a long history as a popular sport in India. First introduced in the 1880’s it took less than forty years for the All India Tennis Association (AITA) to be established. During the 1960’s Indian tennis sensation Ramanathan Krishnan reached #3 in the world rankings. In the 1970’s Vijay Amritraj took over as India’s top star; during his career he defeated many of the game’s best including icons Ivan Lendl, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. The 1997 French open was won by India’s Mahesh Bhupathi. Today it’s female player Sania Mirza dominating the headlines, she’s young, attractive, sometimes controversial, and the first ever Indian to break into the top 30 WTA rankings.

With Tennis a sports often in headlines, it should come as no surprise many Indians also enjoy wagering on it. Trailing only cricket, horse racing, football and F1 racing – tennis is the fifth most wagered sport in India. In this guide I’ll cover tennis betting in great detail.

Where to Bet Tennis Online

One of the friendliest betting sites to Indians is Betway. They offer excellent deposit and currency options that can save you some money in currency conversion fees versus some other sites. Choosing to play at Bet365 is the easy choice. They’ve been in business many decades starting as local kiosks and growing into an online presence.

Alternatively, if you plan to bet on matches where there is a large discrepancy between the odds for each opponent (a heavy favourite against a considerable underdog) then you should consider adding a betting exchange and an additional bookmaker to the list of sites you use to bet tennis. The reason for this is in these match ups – getting better odds is significantly more important. For example: if you’re betting an underdog at 4.50 odds, you might find the same underdog at 5.25 odds at another site – that’s an extra 75% the size of your wager you’ll win should the bet be successful!

For betting exchanges, hands down the best option for tennis is For adding an additional bookmaker, I’d suggest choosing Dafabet. Just keep in mind – when shopping the odds you need to calculate in the higher effective fees that are involved with currency conversions. If the odds are very close it makes sense to stick to a rupee bookmaker for your tennis wagering.

Which Events to Wager

Indian Tennis Player Somdev Devvarman at the Davis CupEmbracing the internet, the wagering possibilities for Tennis are endless. At European bookmakers you’ll find odds on both Men’s Tennis and Women’s Tennis, including the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, and Davis Cup. Pretty much all the major and minor events are offered including future odds on the four Grand Slam tournaments, as well as ATP and WTA events from all over the world. What this means is say in September you want to wager on who will win the Woman’s Wimbledon next June, betting sites such as already have these odds posted.

The options to wager per event are near endless as well. You can do set betting, to win match betting and first set winner for every match. You can also watch matches live and wager in-play. Bet365 has more than 20 in-play markets per match including match winner, current set winner, player to win the next game and so much more. If these matches are not available to you on television, no sweat – many online betting sites offer live steams right from their website where you can see updated odds right from the same interface.

Over the years, online tennis betting has gained popularity, and thanks to the availability of a wide range of online sportsbooks, tennis fans worldwide can bet on their favorite local, national, and international tennis matches. Smart tennis punters can make plenty of money placing bets on tennis matches since online sportsbooks offer the best odds and analyses on tennis matches.

The Grand Slam tennis tournaments are immensely popular and attract a lot of tennis betting activity. These events, held four times annually, are also shown on TV all over the world, greatly enhancing the betting experience for players.

1. Australian Open – This is the first sports event of the year, held in January, and giving sports punters a chance to make some easy money with some smart tennis betting.

2. French Open – The only tennis Grand Slam event to be played on clay courts, it attracts the attention of tennis bettors worldwide.

3. Wimbledon – No other tennis event attracts as many wagers as the Wimbledon does year after year.

4. US Open – This is the last Grand Slam tennis event of the year, giving tennis enthusiasts their last chance of the year to make some money with tennis betting.

Types of Tennis Bets

There is a wide range of tennis bet types for Indian punters to choose from and here are some of them:

Tennis Betting Strategy

Tennis is a sport where both research and odds shopping is of great importance. I’ve read many review portals that suggest using the Bet365 tennis stat service for tournament information, head to heads and the latest rankings. While this is good info, it’s rather basic. More valuable resources include where you can download comprehensive results to a spread sheet for all major and minor tennis events since 2001. This includes the match results, betting odds, and a full break down of set results, outcomes and much more. Another good website is here you can find a database of over 35,000 players, read specific match write-ups and even view tennis betting picks (tips) for free. What I’m getting at here ? I’ve only mentioned two of the more valuable sites on the web for researching tennis wagers, there is for sure no shortage. Using Google search you should be enough to find enough great resources to research any match.

All India Tennis Association AITAOne important tip that even a small section on tennis betting strategy can’t neglect to include is the fact rankings don’t matter much. Rankings are used to recognize players and help keep them motivated. They’re also a stat fans are interested in viewing, as they can see their favourite players move up in the world rankings. From a betting standpoint these are virtually meaningless. Take for example the 2011 French Open, which is an event I selected completely at random to use in example. Here despite the large round one discrepancy in rankings (many top ranked playing lower ranked) more than 22% of the matches ended with a lower ranked player victorious. The same 22% occurred in round two. Several of these lesser ranked players who won were priced between 3.60 odds and 6.50 odds and the highest lower ranked winner was a 10 to 1 underdog. Simply betting the best ranked players is not a viable long term strategy – a better one is to do the research and try to figure out which underdogs have the best chance to win.

A final tip relates to what I just covered. When a player that is ranked considerably less than another is the favourite (odds 1.90 or less) this players is generally a solid bet. If you do use this system, be sure to shop aggressively for the best odds possible on that player. The reason this often works, is because fans who don’t know much about betting are looking heavily at the rankings, where the bookmaker has disregarded this and handicapped the match up much more closely. He’s willing to take bets from these fans, because he knows if he moves the odds to where the higher ranked player is the favourite, he’s going to lose a lot to savvy punter placing maximum wagers. In spots such as this one, you want to be on the same side as the bookmaker, and not the same side as the fan.