IPL Betting Rate

The Indian Premier League season is upon us for 2020. That means you should be checking out the IPL betting rate of a match, or multiple matches. There is a total of 60 cricket matches that will be played in 2020 IPL over its due course and you must make the most of it by betting online.

Betting markets have come up with some tasty cricket betting odds and there will be a lot of betting options to choose from. You can even bet on the winner of the entire season. Simply put, the IPL betting rate is the IPL betting odds of a match, or a prop wager. Here, we will explain what types of IPL cricket odds you can bet all season long.

Check out odds provided by Bodog, Betway and Bet365, three of the best IPL betting sites for cricket fans.


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IPL Betting Rates, Explained

When it comes to IPL betting rates, there is a lot to go over. Here is your guide to wagering on IPL cricket odds. Also, check out our IPL match predictions as well.

Moneyline Odds

Betting on the IPL matches using moneyline odds means that you only have to correctly predict which team wins the game outright.

American odds are defined by the symbol in front of the number. This shows you who the favourite is, and who the underdog is. For example, Chennai Super Kings might have odds of -300 to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad, who have an IPL betting rate of +200. The negative symbol means that Chennai is the favourite. So, you would have to wager $300 for a return of $100. On the other hand, Hyderabad is the underdog because of the positive sign. This means you would wager $100 to win $200.

Decimal odds uses, you guessed it, decimals. So, for the above example, Chennai would have decimal odds of 1.33, and Hyderabad would come out at 3.00. Here, the smallest number is the favourite.

Finally, there are fractional odds, and again, we will use the above example. Chennai would have odds of 1/3, which means you would win a $1 for every $3 that you bet. Hyderabad would be 2/1, so those betting on them would win $2 for every $1 that is wagered.

Most betting sites have the option to convert the odds into whatever IPL betting rate you prefer.

Match Handicap

Match handicap betting makes things a little more interesting. It is different from spread betting, but the concept is still similar. Most spreads emerge before a match or game starts. However, in cricket, the handicap is set after the first team bats and finishes its innings. So, if one team bats first and picks up 180 runs, the bookmaker could set a handicap of +20.5 for the second team. This means it would be -20.5 for the first team that already batted.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is something that you do not have to worry about when it comes to today’s IPL match betting rate. This is more along the lines of an IPL cup rate. Meaning, you are betting on who will win the overall season. You can usually find this IPL betting rate at the beginning of the season. However, the odds can change throughout the season, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

Live Betting

IPL live betting rates are gaining in popularity more and more over the last few years. The concept of IPL live betting is very similar to the match handicap section. What it is, is in-play betting. This means you can bet on scenarios that could happen during the game. You can bet on whether a team will finish with an even or odd number of runs by the end of the 1st over. You can also wager on whether there will be a dismissal in the match. Also, place a wager on what the method of dismissal will be. Essentially, IPL live betting rates are what you can bet on while the match is happening.

Mobile Betting

IPL mobile betting rates are simply the ability to make bets on your mobile device before and during matches. Any bookmakers with IPL betting rates should also allow you make wagers on your phone or tablet. You should also have access to everything that you can do on your laptop or desktop. That means your preferred online banking methods to make deposits (for example, Neteller), a full assortment of IPL betting rates, and much more.


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Props Betting (Betting Options for IPL 2020 Cricket Matches)

Prop betting on IPL games mean that you are wagering on aspects of the game that do not have to do with the outcome. It could be on a specific team or player, or simply an occurrence that could happen during the match.

There will be a lot of cricket matches where you could be betting on cricket. Based on your betting experience, you can avoid a lot of dangerous bets and can make use of the options that are provided by the betting markets.

Listed below are just some of the IPL betting rates that you could run across in terms of prop bets. You can avoid a lot of dangerous bets and can make use of the fantastic betting provided by the oddsmakers. However, there are many more worth your consideration.

To Win The Toss

You can wager on who will win the all-important coin toss to start the match. This is not to win the match, or anything else. This is simply about who will win the coin toss.

Top Team Batsman

This is a bet on the top batsmen for each team. You could even find IPL betting rates on the production of a particular player for that match. Here, you are betting on who will score the high number for runs scored.

Top Team Bowler

Of course, you should be able to bet on the top bowler for each team if you are able to bet on top batsman. For top bowler, you are betting on who will take the most wickets.

Man Of The Match

There is a Man of the Match award after every Indian Premier League match. You will have a list of options from bookmakers. From there, you bet on who you think will be the Man of the Match.

Highest Opening Partnership

This prop bet focuses on the team that will score the most runs before they lose a wicket. Specifically, which team will that be? That is the pick that you will have to make.

Total Runs in Match

This is an over/under bet, which means the bookmaker will set a total for the number of runs that could be scored in a match. You will bet on whether the actual total for the match will come in over or under the number set by the bookmaker.

1st Innings Total Runs

This is another over/under bet, on which you are wagering how many runs will be scored.

1st Over Team Runs

This is the same concept as the 1st Innings Total Runs, but this IPL betting rate focuses on each team separately.

Most Run Outs

This is a prop bet that focuses on which team will have the most run outs in a match.

A Fifty Scored In A Match

This wager is a yes or no bet, and it is on whether you think a fifty will be scored in the match.

A Hundred To Be Scored In A Match

Again, this is a yes or no bet, and you are simply wagering on whether or not a hundred will be scored.

Most Match Sixes

This IPL betting rate is based on which team you think will score the most sixes in a match.

Total Match Sixes

Meanwhile, this is an over/under bet on how many sixes you think will be scored in a match.

1st Wicket Method

This is a bet based on the 1st wicket, and there are usually six options to bet on. These options are “Caught”, “Run Out”, “Bowled”, “Stumped”, “LBW (Leg Before Wicket)”, and “Others”.

Fall of First Wicket

This is the first of two IPL betting rates you will find regarding the fall of the first wicket. This is for which over you think the first wicket will fall in.

Team 20 Over Runs

This is how many runs a team will score in 20 overs and will include several betting options. For example, let’s say there is a match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. Let’s consider KKR is batting first, so there will be a lot of options like under 150 runs, 150-170 runs, over 170 runs.

Team Top Batsman

This wager is for the top scorer of a given team over their innings in a match. The big names will get lower odds.

For example, Kings XI Punjab is playing Delhi Capitals. Betting markets will display all the playing XI members for both teams and you can select one or more players to place a bet for them to be the team’s top scorer.

Team 6’s

The Team 6’s bet is for how many 6’s a team will notch throughout the course of a match. There will be a betting option on that team’s total number of 6’s, for example under 7.5 or over 7.5.

Next Man Out

As there are two batsmen on the field, this is for who will be the next man to get out from those two batsmen.

Player Innings Runs

This is for how many runs that a particular player will score in those innings. For example, Virat Kohli is currently batting on 9 runs. There will be bet options such as Under 30 runs, 30-50 runs, or Over 50 runs.

Player Milestones

This type of wager focuses on whether a player will reach a particular milestone. For instance, if Virat Kohli is batting on 23 runs, betting markets will give option like – Virat Kohli: To reach 50: Yes or No? The cricket betting odds will vary player to player.

To Score Most Runs

As there are two batsmen on the field, this type of bet is for which batsman will score more runs out of the two. In a lot of cricket matches, betting markets also give a group of 3 batsmen and you have to choose the one who will score most runs.

Player Performance

When you are betting online, this option is there and the criteria to choose a player’s performance varies from platform to platform. It’s a criterion set by the betting platform. For instance, there will be a bet on Virat Kohli: Under 35 or Over 35. Now what does 35 mean here? This is a combination of his runs, catches and wickets he will take in the match. There is a points criterion for one run, wicket and catch. So, you are advised to check the criteria and guidelines.

Highest Individual Score

This bet is the highest batting score that will made by an individual, and includes both teams’ batsmen. For example, there will be a bet on the highest individual score in the match for Under 63.5 or Over 63.5. So, you have to choose whether any player can score more than 64 runs in the match.

Race to 10 Runs

When two openers come out to bat, this is a bet on who will be the first batsmen out of the two to reach 10 individual runs.

Runs off 3rd delivery, 5th over

This is a bet on how many runs will be scored on the third delivery of fifth over. While betting on cricket, this is not considered a good bet as it’s mostly a fluke. This type of wager will include betting options such as Under 0.5, Under 1.5, Under 2.5 and it goes on.

5th over runs – Odd/Even

This is a bet on the total number of runs scored in the fifth and whether that number is odd or even. Again, based on your betting experience this is very risky and purely depends on luck.