Online Cricket Betting [In-depth 2019 Guide]

Updated: February 25, 2019

Cricket has a deep history dating back to the 16th century, when it  started out as a children’s game in medieval England. However, adults soon adopted it as a test of athletic skill, physical endurance and strategy.

Fast forward a few centuries, and the biggest shift in modern times came with the advent of Twenty20 cricket. This is a fast-paced version of the game with 20 overs for each side. England played the first Twenty20 match in 2003. But India is where cricket’s biggest contests takes place. Founded in 2008, the Indian Premier League is now the biggest cricket league in the world.

As covered in our article Cricket Betting Sites – Where to Bet on Cricket Online, some of Europe’s biggest online bookies are looking to attract Indian customers who are interested in placing a cricket satta online. Some even offer accounts in Indian Rupees (INR).

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to online betting, see our guide on how to bet on cricket, from choosing a site to making a bet.

We created this wagering guide that includes:

Top Online Cricket Betting Sites for India

We only recommend cricket betting sites based on strict criteria. At the top of the list is TRUST. That’s because we know how frustrating it can be to bet with sites that are slow to pay. We only endorse sites with a solid reputation for paying customers. We also look for sites that make depositing fast and easy, and offer a wide choice of betting options, including e-wallets like Neteller. And if possible, sites that accept Indian Rupees. Think of these sites as an online cricket satta bazar.

₹15,000 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹500

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 4.2/5

₹15,000 Bonus -

₹7500 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹1000

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 4.9/5

₹7500 Bonus -

₹8000 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹200

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 4.5/5

₹8000 Bonus -

₹1600 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹350

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 3.9/5

₹1600 Bonus -

₹15,000 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹1000

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 3.9/5

₹15,000 Bonus -

Restrictions for all offers may apply, see terms and conditions for details. Must be 18 years or older.

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Editor’s Pick – Top Two Cricket Betting Sites

Betway has taken our top spot moving into 2019. They offer a good choice of betting options for cricket, horse racing, esports, casino, and more! Sign up and deposit for a 100% Bonus up to Rs. 2500.

Bet365 is a close second for placing an online cricket satta. They offer a great selection of cricket betting options, both for Indian and international cricket matches. Bet365 also enjoys a long-standing reputation.

As always, read the terms and conditions at these online betting sites.

Major Worldwide T20 Tournaments

  1. Indian Premier League [April – May]: IPL is the most popular T20 League in the world. It has earned great success (despite controversy) with a huge following each year. At present, there are 8 teams from various cities within India. However, teams gather talent from all over the world.
  2. Bangladesh Premier League [Nov-Dec]: Modeled after the IPL and started in 2012, it has fast become the 2nd most popular cricket tournament in the world.
  3. KFC Big Bash (Australia Big Bash) [Dec – Jan]: The BBL has enjoyed a lot of success since it began in 2011. It attracts global talent, although, Indian players are usually are not involved. It is now 8th in the world among the most attended sports leagues worldwide.
  4. England NatWest T20 Blast League [July – Sept]: The NatWest began in 2014. It took over as the primary domestic T20 competition for England, taking the place of Friends Life t20. NatWest has 2 divisions of 9 teams. It isn’t as popular as other T20 leagues, though. It does attract a good sized audience, though.
  5. South Africa Ram Slam T20 League [Nov – Dec]: The Ram Slam is losing popularity. However, it still offers a high dose of thrills for cricket fans, particularly from South Africa.
  6. Pakistan Super League [Feb]: This newly formed league (2016) seemed inevitable. Pakistan loves cricket. It was only a matter of time before they formed their own domestic tournament.
  7. Caribbean Premier League [July]: This summer league involves 6 teams. While they once dominated the sport of cricket, the West Indians are currently struggling to regain their dominant form. Nonetheless, the CPL enjoys a devoted and avid following in the region.

Our Preferred Cricket Betting Site

The most popular site among our visitors is They accept both Skrill and Neteller deposits, and allows Indians to open accounts using their home address. In addition, Betway also takes deposits, issues withdrawals and accepts wagers in Indian Rupees (INR). However, they also use other currencies like the Pound, Euro and Dollar. Learn more by checking out where to bet on cricket.

Expert Tip: Shop for the Best Cricket Odds. Before you place your bet, be sure to find the best odds for that bet. If you don’t get the best odds for each of your bets, you are leaving money on the table. Taking this extra step can boost sports betting profits. Usually, cricket odds vary fairly little. But it’s still smart to make the most of your value. The best way to shop for cricket fixtures is to use a cricket odds feed. This allows you to view the odds of many sites at once before making your choice. Be sure to have accounts at two or more online betting sites to shop around for better odds.

Live Cricket Betting with In-Play Markets

A special type of cricket bet available to punters is “live” cricket betting. Thanks to “in-play” or “in-running” markets, bettors can take a stake in the action, ball by ball, during the match. Typical live bets include Runs Off Next Ball, Method of Next Dismissal and Next Man Out.

This kind of cricket betting is found mostly online through live streaming video/audio feeds. These feeds bring action in real time, straight to the computers of bettors. They can then watch each play as it unfolds and make timely bets.

This format can take a bit of getting used to. For instance, brief delays in transmission are common. This is partly due to differences in available bandwidth, and buffering times by users’ computers. The lag can be a distraction and sometimes disrupts bets being accepted. Odds change quite fast, too, which requires full attention to the match and the chances being presented.

This betting form only continues to improve, though. In the process, greatly expanding the number of cricket markets and adding extra  thrills to every over in a match. One of the most recent innovations introduced is a “Cash Out” feature. This allows an in-play bettor to lock in a profit. Or, limit a loss with just a click while a game is in progress.

To learn more about this form of betting, see our page, Live Cricket Betting.

Mobile Cricket Betting – Smartphones and Tablets

Betting using smartphones and tablets has become ever more popular. This is a combination of the cost of cellular data falling, and mobile devices being more powerful. Betting on cricket using mobile devices is simple.

You have the choice of using a mobile app, or accessing a site via your web browser. In either case, you will find a simple interface compared to the desktop version. However, all of the main functions will still be available to you, including live betting . Some sites, such as bet365, even offer live streaming via mobile. You can also deposit and make withdrawals straight from your mobile device.

Developing a Cricket Betting Strategy

Thinking man

A winning betting strategy is vital for success. That means studying the history and statistics of teams and players. The Indian Premier League website has a huge collection of data to help you make informed sports betting choices. Check out these crucial cricket betting tips.

A good first step in becoming a savvy handicapper is to limit the scope of your betting. There are far too many leagues, teams and players in the world of cricket to know them all. Selecting a specific league, such as the IPL, helps narrow the focus of research and makes the task manageable.

Start with Match Betting

Match Betting is the cornerstone of all good online cricket betting tips. As much as half of one’s wagering activities will be related to picking sports betting winners. That’s why it pays to become adept at handicapping as quickly as possible. Start with team form, player trends and weather forecasts, as well as the conditions of the pitch and ground. Handicappers will also want to seek out the best odds, comparing prices offered by many bookmakers before betting.

In this site’s section on cricket betting strategy, there is a list of top cricket betting tips from some of the world’s best handicappers.

Most Popular Online Cricket Bets

Match Bet: A straight bet on who will the match is the most popular wager in cricket. Match Betting allows a bettor to choose a side. For instance, picking the Mumbai Indians to defeat the Kolkata Knight Riders. If the forecast is correct, a payout is made at a set betting rate. This online match satta may be expressed as fractions, decimals or money lines.

Series Winner and Outright Winner: Two other popular forms of online cricket betting are Series Winner and Outright Winner. The former is offered when teams play more than one game in a series. An example would be The Ashes, which is played over five matches by England and Australia. The latter refers to bets made as “futures” or “ante post” on a single team to prevail in a tournament or season, such as the Chennai Super Kings repeating as IPL Champions.

Prop Bets: Proposition bets are wagers not directly related to the final result of a cricket match, series or tournament. They include team bets, such as which side will win the opening coin toss, or whether a team’s total score will be over or under a certain number of runs. They also include player props based on performances, such as Top Batsman, Top Bowler and Man of the Match.

For more details on betting options, see our article titled Types of Cricket Bets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online cricket betting safe?

By using a licensed, trusted site you increase your chances of keeping your money secure. The longer the site has been around, the better. It takes a long time to earn a good reputation. Customers will start leaving a site if they begin to question if their money is protected, or if the site is providing fair odds and timely payouts. See our list of trusted sites to help you make your choice.

What is the minimum bet for cricket?

You will find different minimum bets among the various sites, but Betway offers Rs. 10 minimum bet.

Should I have an account at more than one betting site?

Yes, we highly suggest having an account at at least two cricket betting sites. This is to make the most of the best sports betting rates offered for a given event.

What is the best way to deposit for online cricket betting?

We favor Neteller. E-wallets are in general best for India since credit cards can be hard to use. It does take a few days to set up an e-wallet account. Once done, however, you can use an e-wallet to deposit and withdraw money very quickly. See our banking guide for more details.

How Do You Bet On A Live Cricket Match?

Yes, it is possible to place a live online cricket betting wager at most sites. There are different types of bets you can make during the match, but the action moves quickly.

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal?

Operating betting sites in India is illegal. However, there is no law against laying an online cricket satta at an international site.

Can I Win Real Money Through Cricket Betting?

You can absolutely win real money at online cricket betting. You just have to do your research, such as reading about IPL match predictions.

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