If you want to become profitable in IPL betting, you’ve arrived at the right place: home to the best online IPL match prediction today. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest and richest domestic T20 cricketing extravaganza in the world.

The 2021 IPL season will see T20 matches taking place on a daily basis for nearly six weeks. This ultimately gives cricket bettors a chance at non-stop betting action.

With an outstanding betting record and insightful cricket predictions, we’ve helped Indian Premier League bettors produce healthy profits year after year, thanks to cricket tips and IPL picks that are right on the money.

Sportsbooks will witness a massive surge in online cricket betting action during the IPL as bettors look to back their favorite teams and win money on every game they bet. However, most bettors end up losing than winning because they commit a number of mistakes.

Our site has a team of cricket betting experts that will help you place your bets and increase your odds of winning. We certainly don’t claim to get it right every time as that would borderline on fixing and that’s not something that we are into. While you are reading this, don’t forget to check out our page on cricket betting tips.

However, we have a seasoned team of cricket experts who not only watch all IPL games but are also keen followers of IPL news, IPL auction, IPL franchise happenings, player injuries, team combinations. Our seasoned team offers great IPL betting tips to help our readers place strategic bets and walk away with winning hands.

As a cricket predictions site, we’re here to help online IPL bettors place their bets in 2021.

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So, what’s the secret to our success when it comes to expert IPL predictions? Hard work and endless knowledge of the individual players, in-game strategies, which teams match up well against others, plus the strengths and weaknesses of all eight IPL franchises.

Across hundreds of IPL matches since its inaugural season in 2008, there has been no shortage of drama. We take all the variables into account before making match predictions and placing our bets.
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Why Pay Attention To Our IPL 2021 Predictions?

Our team does not use a crystal ball or make wild assumptions when it comes to IPL betting. We prefer to use analytics and study the conditions in the lead-up to the game, to give our readers real-time information on who we think will win.

Our cricket betting analysts look at the pitch conditions, weather conditions, the form factor of each team, the form factor of each player, and the probable playing XI before we decide which team to bet on. We don’t blindly accept the betting odds showcased by different sportsbooks – although we do take them into consideration. We have our own model for cricket match betting.

One thing we don’t do is to back teams based on our emotions or based on our favorite team. We advise our readers to not fall into this trap as strategic bets can only be made without getting emotional. We don’t get all of our bets right, but we get more than 80 percent of our bets correct. Our analysts brainstorm and give out today’s IPL match expert predictions.

Cricket Betting Tips For Other T20 Leagues & Tournaments

While the IPL does get a lot of attention, we also make betting predictions for all cricket games played in India and by India. Our team also makes cricket predictions for other domestic T20 tournaments like the Big Bash League, T10 League, Caribbean Premier League, and the Bangladesh Premier League.

You will also find cricket predictions on our site when it comes to ICC-sanctioned cricket matches around the world. We provide betting predictions on test matches, ODI matches, and T20 games.

We will also have betting predictions for all ICC-sanctioned tournaments including the ICC ODI World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, and the World Test Championship. 


Today’s IPL match predictions: Who will win IPL 2021?

When it comes to the 2021 IPL, the big question at the start of the tournament is who will IPL 2021? All sportsbooks that offer IPL betting will allow you to bet on which team you think will win IPL 2021 before the tournament begins.

The Mumbai Indians are the defending champions and will be favorites to win the 2021 IPL. Hence, it is quite normal for most IPL bettors to back the Mumbai Indians. However, we must take into consideration a number of factors before we decide who will win IPL 2021. First, you need to have a look at the IPL odds for the outright winner of the 2021 season.

We need to look at the IPL auction and which players get traded and retained, we need to look at new players that are being drafted into each IPL franchise, we must consider teams who have changed their captain, head coach, or both. Only when we analyze, all of these factors can we make a calculated prediction as to which team will win IPL 2021.

You can also place bets on the IPL 2021 top batsman and top bowler. Follow our IPL Player betting guide to know more.

IPL Match Prediction 2021 – Final Take

We provide you with IPL match predictions on a daily basis. Come back on a daily basis during the IPL, to see which team we believe will come out as the winner. We don’t just pick a team but we also give you the reasons as to why we believe this team is the favorite and why you should consider betting on them.

Now you don’t have to take our cricket predictions and follow them blindly. You can choose to do the opposition and back the underdog. If you do this, we suggest you come back after a few days and analyze whether we got it right or you got it right. We are pretty confident that you are going to find we got it right more often than you did.

This is because we don’t have just one cricket expert on our team, making predictions. We have a team of experts who share their analysis, brainstorm, and then come up with a consensus for today’s IPL match expert predictions.

So if you are looking for the best resource to place IPL Satta, visit us on a daily basis to get real-time 2021 IPL match prediction.

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