One of the biggest challenges Indians face using UK-licensed gambling sites, is a safe and secure method for deposit options, as well as to withdraw money. Perhaps the best solution to this challenge is Neteller  – a free online e-wallet that acts much like an online bank account. Once you’ve opened an account at their website, you can load funds to your account using your debit or credit card. When you want to cash the funds out, you can request an e-check online. In less than a week, the money is in your bank account.

Members can transfer funds to one another, making this an ideal peer-to-peer payment solution. The much larger draw – almost all online gambling sites accept Neteller deposits, and almost all online gambling sites will also allow you to withdraw your winnings to your account. It is an easier system than making a bank transfer.

What this all means – when you’re a Neteller account holder, you can deposit money and make withdrawals at licensed bookmakers such as Betway using your Indian bank account. The best news is your bank will have no idea you’re gambling online because all transactions to and form will be marked “Neteller” as opposed to the gambling site. Considering they are also a leader in peer-to-peer transactions – these having nothing to do with gambling – it’s unlikely your bank is going to question the nature of the transactions. It is basically like having electronic money at your disposal.

Best Online Betting Sites That Accept Neteller

Restrictions for all offers may apply, see terms and conditions for details. Must be 18 years or older. Gamble responsibly.

How to Create an Account with Neteller

Creating an account to make online payments with Neteller is quite simple. To begin, go directly to “Join for Free” on the top right of their homepage.

Once you are on the registration page, you will be presented with a single form (see below). It requires you to fill/select the following information:

Neteller Sign Up


Now select “Register Now”. By doing this, you will be confirming that you accept the privacy policy and terms of use laid out for you. Click the hyperlinks on the registration page to view the corresponding policies, and terms and conditions.

Neteller will then send an email (check your spam filter if you don’t see it) with a link for you to verify your email address. After confirming, you’ll then be prompted to provide your telephone number, address, and name. In addition, you will have to mention other personal details they may require of you.

Providing Security Information

During the registration process, you’ll provide security information that helps ensure your account is safe at all times. You will have to provide your password and confirm it during the registration process. Also, choose a security question and type out an answer that you will be likely to remember. Keep a record of this in a safe place so that you can access it in case you forget your login information.

Ensure that you fill out these details accurately. It is best to take a screenshot of the page after you have filled out the details. This can serve as a record that you can refer to later if needed. Once you complete the verification procedure, you will be emailed a secure ID and account ID. The secure ID comprises 6 digits, while the account ID has 12. Save them, as you require the IDs to use your account.

Next, contact their customer service department in India. When you call, use the telephone number you register with at the site. You will then be required to verify a few personal details. Once you complete this, you will be able to access your account online. Every time you log in to use your account, ensure that the address begins with https. Here, ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. Typically, you will have to use your password only when logging in to your account. The secure ID provided should be used only when you make a transfer to a site.

Linking & Confirming Bank Account

Finally, you will link and confirm your bank account. Even if you were able to fund with a credit card (most Indian account holders cannot), it’s still wise to link and confirm your bank account. The reason is the process to confirm takes several business days – and the benefits to having a confirmed account are many. These include higher transaction limits, and the ability to quickly withdraw to your home bank account. You never know when you might hit a jackpot or a long shot; it might be nice to already be set up with the ability to cash out.

To link your bank account, you will have to click on the Account tab. You will then have to select the ‘verify identity’ option on the page. Clicking on it will then give you the option to ‘Register a bank account’ or ‘Add a bank account’.

Neteller will request your bank account details. Some of the information you will have to provide: your IBAN number, bank name and SWIFT (BIC) code. Next, you will have to indicate your country (India), city and currency (INR). All these are compulsory fields. Click on ‘continue’, and you will proceed to the page where you can check and confirm the details you have provided. This is an important step. Ensure that you review the details for accuracy. If you want to make changes, select the ‘edit’ button. If not, click ‘continue’.

After you confirm your details, Neteller will transfer money to your account. This is a small amount, also referred to as a micro deposit. The transfer may take as many as five business days. To find out how much has been transferred to your account, you can employ one of three methods:

  • Check your online account balance
  • Call up the bank branch you are linked to
  • Check for the amount in your bank statement.

Once you receive the money, you will have to confirm the specific amount they have deposited. This is done to verify that you are the bank account holder.

To complete the confirmation process, you will have to select the option marked ‘verify your bank account’, in your account summary section. On this page, you will have to enter the micro-deposit amount and click on continue. If you enter the sum correctly, it will indicate that you are the account holder. Your bank account will then be verified. Ensure that you enter the number correctly. You will be given four chances in which you will have to get it accurately. If not, you will have to start the verification process again.

Neteller Signed In

Problems Opening A Neteller Account

Anyone interested in betting on sports online in India will benefit greatly from having a verified account, with their Indian home bank account linked to it. This makes life as a sports bettor so much easier. Unfortunately, all sorts of quirky things can go wrong during the sign-up process.

Should you experience these, we strongly encourage you to work through them contacting support, or working with your bank as needed. The FAQ section is also extremely thorough.

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