Sports fans around the world have a considerably large amount of important cricket to look forward to in 2019.  The Indian Premier League took much of the attention for a time, while another major tournament, the ICC Cricket World Cup, takes place in England and Wales this summer, so read on to learn how to bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup, as well as unearthing some handy tips aimed for untrained cricket bettors.

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup gets underway on May 30th, and after six weeks of top class action, the final will be played at Lord’s on July 14th.

Anyone considering taking a Satta should understand that betting on IPL matches is completely different from wagering on 2019 Cricket World Cup betting.

2019 Cricket World Cup Betting Sites

How to Bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup

The difference between formats is crucial. The fast-paced nature of T20 means that batsmen are pressured to score quickly, as a side subsequently experiences immense pressure if they lose early wickets. In fact, they are often ruled out of the contest at this point.Cricket World Cup odds

With a 50 over game, sides can take a more composed and persevering approach. If those early wickets tumble, there is time left in the match to post a decent target for the opposition, so while there are some surprise outcomes, the favourites should come through in 50 over matches more regularly.

Scoring can still be fast however, because since the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, the world record team total has been broken twice. However, teams would tend to target 350 as a strong total, which equates to seven runs per over, meanwhile in T20 cricket, the magic mark remains at 200, which is ten runs per over.

– T20 vs 50 Over Cricket

Just because a country is successful in the T20 format doesn’t mean they will excel at the 50 over men’s ICC Cricket World Cup. England were T20 world champions in 2010, but they haven’t claimed a title in 44 years of playing 50 over cricket.

Similarly, the West Indies have won the T20 title twice, in 2012 and 2016, but they haven’t won the 50 over equivalent since 1979.

Popular Ways To Bet on the Cricket World Cup

While explaining how to bet on ICC Cricket World Cup odds, we have focused odds for match betting. But there are lots of other ways to play 2019 Cricket World Cup betting. For every game, we can expect odds for up to 30 prop bets.

In terms of futures odds, sportsbooks will publish regular outright markets for the winner of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. There will also be odds for finalists, but there are cricket betting rates based on individual players as well. Look out for odds on top tournament batsman and top tournament bowler as these are popular and can carry good value odds.

Those top batsman and bowler bets will also be carried over to individual Cricket World Cup games. Here, we’re looking for the player who will score the most runs or take the most wickets.

2019 Cricket World Cup betting odds markets for individuals will also include Man of the Match betting, as well as player performance.

Team totals are also important for sportsbooks. At the upcoming men’s ICC Cricket World Cup, expect to see odds options for total runs, most sixes, most fours and many more.

Pick an Online Betting Site

There are a number of ways in which we can come to an informed decision to choose an online betting odds site. It’s important to see whether the sportsbook takes cricket odds seriously. So, if you see only a match result market and one or two additional Cricket World Cup 2019 betting props, you should consider avoiding that particular sportsbook as a varied selection of ten or so side markets is ideal.

Competitive odds are also essential, both for the ICC Cricket World Cup, and for any tournament.

The individual customer also wants flexibility with their World Cup betting cricket odds. For players in India, this means being able to bet using Rupees. A choice of funding options is also desirable, and sound customer service helps to complete the picture.

We’ve taken some of the work away from you by recommending Betway, Betrally and Bet365 as tremendous sites for online cricket betting odds. It is, however, recommended that you do your own research and exploration to get all the analysis you need.

How do Betting Rates in Cricket Work?

There are three different forms of cricket betting rates, or odds: Fractional, Decimal and American. Fractional and decimal are self explanatory as you may see a fractional sum listed at 2/1, while the decimal equivalent would be 3.00. The American version would be less obvious, but for this example, these odds convert to +200.

We have established that the most popular way to show odds is with the decimal version. These are the betting odds that you will see in each of our match previews, but it is very simple, however, to convert these odds to American or fractional alternatives.

But how do odds calculations work? Do they utilize complicated formulas? Let’s say India are playing England in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 final. It’s not often that England would be favourites in the odds in this situation. Still, their home advantage might give the 2019 World Cup hosts a shorter odds price in result betting.

Let’s give England decimal odds of 1.80, and India, decimal odds at 2.00.

The Cricket World Cup betting player looks at those odds and prices, and decides that they want to bet 100 Rupees on India. If that bet is successful, the payment will work as follows:

  • 100 Rupees x 2.00 (odds) = 200 Rupees returned
  • Profit = 100 Rupees

Three Tips for New Cricket World Cup Bettors

When learning how to bet on Cricket World Cup odds, there are some basic betting strategies that you can use if you’re inexperienced and unaccustomed to betting on cricket games.

– Betting Tip 1

If you are betting on individual futures odds, such as Top Batsman or Top Bowler, you should be looking for a player whose team has major expectations of progressing deep into the competition.

For example, there is a lot of support for Rashid Khan in the Top Bowler betting odds market for this year’s men’s ICC Cricket World Cup.

However, we would ask punters to remember that Rashid’s Afghanistan team are outsiders, from ten teams, to win the 2019 tournament, and that means that the Afghans are only likely to play their nine group games.

Rashid Khan may still win this top bowler betting odds market, but missing two games (the semifinal and final) could prove crucial. In the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Australia’s Mitchell Starc and New Zealand’s Trent Boult finished top with 22 wickets as their sides made the final, while New Zealand’s Martin Guptill delivered profits as the 2015 tournament’s leading batsman, so those two games helped with their immense statistics. This can also aid you if you are betting World Cup cricket odds.

– Betting Tip 2

Our second odds tip relates to home advantage because in cricketing terms, we’re not only referring to the home team, but a congregation of particular countries that prefer to play in certain conditions. This can factor into their Cricket World Cup betting odds.

We’re talking about the conditions of surface and the weather, and this may be an extensive generalisation, but World Cup history suggests that England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies are the sides that would seemingly have an advantage at the Cricket World Cup 2019.

English conditions tend to favour swing and seam bowlers. If we look at the remaining sides, like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, it can be argued that their strength is established in slow bowling.

Of course, that is not a guaranteed theory as India famously won the World Cup in England in 1983, then in 2017, Pakistan and India also reached the final of the ICC Champions Trophy in England. However, as a beginner’s tip on 2019 Cricket World Cup betting, this is worth assessing.

– Betting Tip 3

There is no substitute for research, or a simulation for the matches.

In order to stand a better chance of making consistent betting profits, look at prevailing current form at the men’s Cricket World Cup because in a tournament where games have such an accelerated turnaround, immediate form is vitally important.

Examine all the stats at your disposal. The 2019 Cricket World Cup is happening all over the country, from Durham to Southampton, so, do the Australians have a good record at Lord’s, or do they prefer Trent Bridge or maybe, how have India performed at the Oval in the past?

Then it’s time to look at head-to-head encounters in terms of betting on World Cup Cricket games and for example, have New Zealand have come unstuck against the South Africans in the current past? This could come into play if you are looking to bet for Cricket World Cup odds.

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