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sportsbetting.net.in favicon logoIf you are looking for honest and unbiased information for sports betting from India, including reviews, banking guidance, editor’s tips, news and more, you have found the right place. My name is Raj Patel and I have been writing about sports for over 10 years. My two favourite sports are cricket and horse racing, but you will find some information on other sports too like football, tennis and F-1 racing. I have assembled a team from all over the world to help me write, review, edit, and keep updated on all things sports betting for India.

Site Reviews

India continues to grow in its economic success and many international betting sites have taken notice and are eager to server customers form India. While there are some very good sites available to Indian customers, there are also many who not trustworthy. We pride ourselves in taking the time to research and try each site for ourselves before giving our opinion of a site. That said, some betting sites start out with all of the indications of a good site, but due to changes of ownership or internal business practices, they can begin to decline in quality. We keep a very close watch and are not afraid to tell you if we no longer recommend them. View our latest list of recommended betting sites for India.

Banking Guidance – Deposit and Withdraw

Depositing from India can be difficult unless you understand the best ways to deposit and withdraw. We have tried all available methods to India and have developed some helpful guides not only to help you decide what banking method is best for you, but also how to use it.

Editor’s Tips

Throughout our site you will find advice and tips to help make your betting experience safer and more enjoyable. My #1 tip is to NEVER bet with more than you can afford to lose. I have learned this lesson the hard way and it made for a very difficult year of my life. I have since learned from my mistake and the fun and excitement of betting has returned. Even if you are a professional bettor, it is not worth the risk and stress to spend beyond your means. Your family is counting on you. Your friends want to see you happy. Do not be foolish when it comes to betting and you will ensure it remains fun. Please see our article regarding gambling problems to make sure you recognize the signs that it is time to stop.

Betting News

We like to provide updates that we think our readers will enjoy. In our news feed, you will find stories on match ups, results, gambling law, and other betting news.

We sincerely hope the information you find on our site to be helpful and easy to read. Take some time to look around and good luck!