While cricket has widely been regarded as more of a batter’s sport, bowling plays an equally important role in it.

Cricket has experienced its share of bowlers who have altered the course of a match in their team’s favor with their precise pacing, impressive swing, and game-altering bounce.

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In this article, we are going to have a look at the top ten fastest bowlers in the world who have registered their names in the books and destroyed teams on the field with their impressive bowling action.

10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket History

Here is the list of the top 10 fastest bowlers in cricket history.

Shoaib Akhtar – 161.3 km/h (Pakistan vs. England)

At the top of the list, we have the now-retired Shoaib Akhtar, who set the world record in 2003 for the fastest bowling in the world by hitting a thundering 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) in a World Cup Group A match against England in Cape Town, South Africa.

With this record, ex-Kolkata Knight Riders player Shoaib Akhtar also became the first bowler in the world to break the 100 mph barrier in fast bowling. To this day, Akhtar’s record stays unbroken.

Brett Lee – 161.1 km/h (Australia vs. New Zealand)

The second spot on our list is taken by Australian speedster Brett Lee, who holds several records in the sport and is still ranked as the second-fastest bowler in the world.

Brett Lee, who also played in Indian Premier League, registered himself among the fastest bowlers in cricket history in 2005 when he delivered his fastest ball clocking in at 161.1 km/h (100.1 mph) against New Zealand at Napier.

Shaun Tait – 161.1 km/h (Australia vs. England)

Closing the top three, we have Shaun Tait, another Australian bowler who is still considered one of the fastest bowlers in the world. He had a short but memorable career with several bowling records in his name.

In 2010, he delivered his fastest ball in an ODI against England which registered a speed of 161.1 km/h (100.1 mph) on the speed gun.

Jeffrey Thomson – 160.6 km/h (Australia vs. West Indies)

Next up is Jeffrey Thomson, another Australian cricketing legend who is famous for his impeccable pace and delivery consistency. He rattled his opposing batters with his savage bowling on the field.

Thomson registered his fastest delivery in 1975 at 160.6 km/h (99.7 mph) during a match against West Indies in Perth, Australia.

Mitchell Starc – 160.4 kmp/h (Australia vs. New Zealand)

The fifth-fastest bowler in the world is Mitchell Starc from Australia who is known for his fast-paced left-arm bowling.

His delivery averages in the range of 145-152 km/h. His fastest delivery was made in 2015 when he clocked in 160.4 km/h (99.6 mph) while bowling against New Zealand’s Ross Taylor in WACA, Perth.

Andy Roberts – 159.5 km/h (West Indies vs. Australia)

The next spot is held by Andy Roberts from West Indies who was a part of the West Indies world cup winning squad during 1975 and 1979.

His fastest ball was delivered at a staggering 159.5 km/h (99.1 mph) in a match against Australia in Perth in 1975.

Fidel Edwards – 157.7 km/h (West Indies vs. South Africa)

Seventh-fastest bowler on our list is another bowler from West Indies, Fidel Edwards. Known for his aggressive swing and consistent bowling, Edwards has been a formidable opponent for batters since his debut in 2002.

He delivered his fastest ball in 2003 in a match against South Africa which clocked in at 157.7 km/h (97.9 mph.)

Mitchell Johnson – 156.8 km/h (Australia vs. England)

Moving forward with the list, we have another player from Australia, Mitchell Johnson. He is on the list of the most destructive left-arm bowlers in history.

Johnson booked his name as the eight-fastest bowler in the world when he delivered a 156.8 km/h (97.4 mph) ball against England on the third day of a test series in 2013 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Mohammad Sami – 156.4 km/h (Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe)

On the ninth spot, we have another player from Pakistan on our list who is also the second-fastest bowler from Pakistan.

Mohammad Sami bowled a ferocious delivery of 156.4 km/h (97.4 mph) against Zimbabwe in 2003 during an ODI in Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Shane Bond – 156.4 km/h (New Zealand vs. India)

Closing our list with the tenth-fastest bowler of all time, Shane Bond is known for his intense bowling that made the peak years of his career memorable.

He pulled off the fastest delivery of his career against India at a speed of 156.4 km/h (97.4 mph) during the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

10 Fastest Balls In Cricket History (List)

No Cricketer Name Opponent Delivery Speed Year Venue
1 Shoaib Akhtar


England 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) 2003 Newlands Stadium
2 Brett Lee


New Zealand 161.1 km/h (100.1 mph) 2005 Napier Cricket Ground
3 Shaun Tait


England 161.1 km/h (100.1 mph) 2010 Lord’s Stadium
4 Jeffrey Thomson


West Indies 160.6 km/h (99.7 mph) 1975 WACA Stadium
5 Mitchell Starc


New Zealand 160.4 km/h (99.6 mph) 2015 WACA Stadium
6 Andy Roberts

(West Indies)

Australia 159.5 km/h (99.1 mph) 1975 WACA Stadium
7 Fidel Edwards

(West Indies)

South Africa 157.7 km/h (97.9 mph) 2003 Wanderers Stadium
8 Mitchell Johnson


England 156.8 km/h (97.4 mph) 2013 Melbourne Cricket Ground
9 Mohammad Sami


Zimbabwe 156.4 km/h (97.4 mph) 2003 Sharjah Cricket Stadium
10 Shane Bond

(New Zealand)

India 156.4 km/h (97.4 mph) 2003 Centurion Park
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