Cricket is a popular sport that many people enjoy and bet on. If you enjoy this game, you’re probably aware that its bets come in various forms, each with its own set of rules. The most common betting option is usually on who will win the game, but there are many other cricket betting options, including toss winner, player of the match, player of the series, top batsman, top bowler, dismissal method, most fours, most sixes and more.

Generally, batting and bowling are the two main divisions in cricket. Yes, fielding is also involved, but it is less significant than these two, particularly in the context of betting. Batting is one of the most well-liked side bet markets beyond the top bowler betting and match betting market and is a lucrative betting market for bettors.

We list out key top batsman betting tips that will help you increase the odds of getting your bet right and finding the best batsman in tests, ODIs, and T20 matches around the world.

Top Batsman Betting Guidelines

The first factor you should keep into consideration is the various statistics of the batsman that will help you decide your bet for the match. These include career average, strike rate, previous performances against the opponent, and most importantly, the current form of the batsman.

The secondary factors that come into play are the condition of the pitch, weather report, and past performance on the ground/country. We will be covering all of these in the sections below.

There is a possibility that the game might be called off due to inclement weather or that the batsman you selected for a bet will not play.

There are a few guidelines for the top batsman betting market, as we’ll see below, to account for all these oddities:

  • Your stake is returned if you bet money on a player who ultimately does not make the playing eleven.
  • Your bet money will be resolved as a loss if you backed a player who was not given the opportunity to bat during the match.
  • If two or more players tie for the most runs scored in the game, dead-heat rules are in effect. The number of players who are tied for the most runs will be divided by your stake in this case. You will receive half of your winnings if there is a tie between two players; a third if there are three players involved; and so on.
  • There is a minimum cap on the number of overs (which varies across formats) that must be reached in order for the wager to hold if the game is prematurely suspended due to bad weather. This number varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Top Batsman Betting Sites

How Do I Pick The Best Batsman and Bet Correctly?

The factors to determine your best shot differ from format to format. For a test match, where an initial couple of hours favors the bowlers more, a batsman coming in at number four or five has more chances of making more runs, as batting becomes easier as the ball gets older.

For an ODI or T20 game, the player you pick should be able to play as many balls as possible, usually an opener or a number three batsman, because each side will only bat once, and that too for a limited number of overs, meaning that middle-order batsmen are left with lesser balls to face, and hence, lesser chances of scoring big.

When betting on the top batsman in a Test match, the price is typically on who will score the most when the team bats for the first time. However, some betting sites in India also offer top batsman betting when the team bats for the second time as in-play betting.

In limited overs cricket, this becomes void because both teams bat only once.

Key Factors To Help Predict The Top Batsman

Top batsman betting entails determining which player will be suitable to score the highest runs based on factors such as batting position, the opposition, weather conditions, the venue, and the kind of form of the batsman.

Here, we’ll look at how to take all of those things into account and how their weight varies depending on the game’s structure.

Current Form

A batsman’s form is essential for predicting how they will perform in a game if you want to take part in online cricket betting. The best way to assess their current state of form is to consider their previous five innings. A player in peak form would probably have managed to score over 40 runs in all those innings, likely to be a combination of big and small innings.

The format they are playing is another crucial detail to keep in mind in this situation. For instance, a batsman’s T20 form will be of no help in the Test format, but will surely boost their confidence to help them perform better.

Pitch Conditions

In all formats, pitch conditions are extremely important. It is one of the key elements that will determine how a game unfolds. A flat wicket indicates that there will be plenty of runs, however, a green wicket indicates that the bowlers will also have something to work with.

Additionally, you might discover that wickets get better with time, which suggests that middle and lower-order batsmen may well be benefiting from the ideal circumstances for their team.

Career Average

A batsman’s batting average is influenced by the game’s format, the position they play, and their playing era. It is one of the best qualities for gauging a player. Few players have a strong career start that allows them to benefit from a high batting average, but over time, the batting average will catch up.

Only a select few batsmen, with their brilliance and temperament, can maintain their batting average. Above all, the batsmen won’t play for their batting average. It is solely a result of the batsmen’s performance and reliability.

Therefore, the average of a batsman is of utmost priority when calculating their possible performance in the match. A few unfortunate dismissals notwithstanding, players with a higher career batting average will, more often than not, deliver a match-winning knock, which will also translate into a winning bet for you.

Record In The Country Playing

Teams either tour a country to play with them or host matches, inviting other teams to play them in their home conditions. Playing in friendly conditions for most of their lives, it is no surprise that batsmen get used to the playing conditions in their own nations, scoring more freely.

While most good batsmen have a decent record playing at home, certain players also enjoy playing in foreign conditions and deliver their best there. A good example would be Virat Kohli’s stellar record in Australia.

Record in the Ground Playing At

A cricket ground’s dimensions can range from 137.16 meters to 150 meters in width. The distance between the smallest and longest boundaries on a cricket field cannot exceed 59.43 and 82.29 meters, respectively. While some grounds, like The Lord’s, are polygonal, others like the Adelaide Oval are more circular.

We are stating this just to emphasize the point that not every cricket ground is similar, and the differences sometimes are the deciding factor between a good and bad performance.

Some batsmen come with a reputation of thriving on grounds they are familiar with. Indian captain Rohit Sharma, for example, has an exemplary batting record at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium respectively, partly due to the insane number of games he has played there.

So, before making your bet, it is advised to check whether any batsman favors the ground more than others, as they are likely to score better.

Record Against The Opposition

Cometh the opposition, cometh the man. Cricket history is filled with stories of batsmen who were at their best against a particular opposition. While the legendary Sir Don Bradman has an enviable record of 5028 runs in merely 37 matches against England in Tests, Sachin Tendulkar has ODI stats of 3113 and 3077 runs against Sri Lanka and Australia respectively.

It is, therefore, natural that head-to-head stats are taken into consideration while calculating the odds, as familiar foes often bring out the best in players.

If you want to increase your odds of picking the best batsman whether it is tests, ODIs, or T20 games, take the time to do your research and find out their record against the current opposition.

Top Batsman Betting Tips In Test Matches

In order to win in a test match, you must be persistent, tenacious, and willing to put a price on your wicket. In the greatest and the longest version of the game, a player has to have skill, stamina, focus, and grit to be a good batsman.

Conduct some preliminary study on the field and the location of the game to see how such factors may affect the players’ chances of sticking it out at the middle and scoring the most runs for his side.

Try to pick a player with a career average of approximately 40-50 when looking for the top knocker in a test match. Pick the players with the most half-centuries in their Test career to further sift out the weaker contenders.

Top Bowler Betting Tips In odi Matches

Consider ODIs as a kind of hybrid of Test matches and T20s. Even though they are obviously far less challenging than Test matches, you still need to hold onto your wicket and bat for 50 overs. Now that there is a 50-over limit, it is likely that the top and middle-order batsmen will spend plenty of time at the crease.

As a result, the batting position is a crucial factor in determining the Top Batsman bet, along with the batting average and the player’s current state of form.

Additionally, the field and the climate are factors. For instance, cloudy weather encourages speed and swing, whilst a dry, bright day makes batters’ eyes light up in anticipation of a batting-friendly pitch.

Top Batsman Betting Tips In T20 Matches

Just take into account that T20 tournaments are limited to 20 overs. In light of the fact that initial hitters typically get to spend more time there, choose them. If the bowling side succeeds in picking up a few fast wickets, this equation might swiftly shift.

A good strike rate, usually over 120, is required in a T20 expert. However, in the sport’s quickest format, the batsman’s batting average is just as important a factor when placing bets on the best batsmen. Because of this, the better, the higher the strike rate.

However, don’t forget to look at the batsman’s average as well, since this will show you how much he’s predicted to score in every game.

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